What You Need to Succeed?

From Early Stage Group Practice

An early stage group usually shows little alignment, constant “fires” & chaos,  a staff that at times is in it for the “me”, poor communication, and no cohesive executive team.

To Mature Scalable Business

A mature group has more locations, an expressed vision, management alignment, skilled communication, established executive team, and an established “we”

How DEO Can Help You Get There?

A Network Of Dentists Who Have "Been There"

Nothing can replace experience. The fact is, there are other dentists who have been where you are, and have figured out how to build an amazing company. Learning from other’s experience is the ultimate ‘shortcut’ to success and fulfillment. As a DEO member, you will be consistently hearing from other dentist entrepreneurs who have “been there” which will bring you closer to understand your unique path to success.

Ongoing Support

When you check DEO Members Benefits you realize there is a variety of tools and resources available to support you on this journey. To mention a few, these include monthly Mastermind calls, private Facebook group, access to 1 on 1 coaching etc. You’ll have a large pool of experience and support at your hands to help you through difficult issues that every group practice comes across.

Consistent Motivation and Inspiration

Something powerful happens when you are exposed to others accomplishing big things. You’ll see what is possible, and leave meetings and interactions with the a fire you haven’t felt before. When you surround yourself with dentists who are excited, passionate, and energetic about the challenges they are presented with, you can’t help but feel the same way. The energy and passion is definitely contagious.

Learn to Work "On" Your Business, Not "In" Your Business

Working on your group practice means planning your business’s future, rather than putting out fires in your day to day. It gives you the opportunity to make the crucial decisions that affect your direction, culture, and shape of your business. The right preparation will give you the opportunity to craft your future exactly how you want it.


You’re ultimately responsible for shaping your own future. You report to no one but yourself. However, having a group to support you makes that job much, much easier. Having a group of like minded peers creates accountability to get things done. Your peers will gently ‘holds your feet to the fire” and provide a mirror for you to see your strengths, weakness, zones of genius, and blind spots. This alone can be life changing.