What's Happening

Clues to The Future

The emergence and exceedingly strong growth of managed group practice compared to solo practice, a 20 to 1 ratio in 2012, is a clear indicator that the future of dentistry will be very different. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact the majority of solo practitioners are between 45 and 55 years old and new graduates are unable to purchase dental practices. We also note a change in the dentistry landscape coming along with the shifting economics dominated by 3rd parties.

Dentists need to prepare themselves for leadership, partnership and directorship of managed group practices. This void is currently being filled by senior business executives. Our current focus is on training dentists to be leaders, senior managers, and directors of managed group practices so that they can competently partner with senior business executives to generate successful business expressions. Collaboration is ‘key’ and now is the time to start preparing yourself.

What You Need To Succeed


Dentist entrepreneurs are flexible. They adapt to changes rather than resisting them. They understand that change is constant.


Dentist entrepreneurs have a driving vision, are obsessive about creating a future that is unique.


Dentist entrepreneurs are willing to jump off the cliff and build their wings on the way down. They don’t play ‘not to lose.’ They play to win. They like the risk. They like the excitement of being on the edge.


Dentist entrepreneurs have the resolve, tenacity, and persistence for generating a great business. They didn’t go into dentistry to give themselves a high-paying job; they went into dentistry for the opportunity to create a great business. They love business, unlike most dentists who tolerate business.


It is crystal clear that those who possess the skill-set for collaboration will win in the future. But most dentists, historically, haven’t been able to collaborate even within their own tribe as evidenced by the incredibly high morbidity rate of dental partnerships and associateships.

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