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Are you a dentist entrepreneur or dental leader looking to successfully scale your dental practice, dental group, or DSO and exponentially increase your patients, revenue, profit, and more?
Don't miss the most powerful event in group dentistry!
  • Proven scaling strategies used by the FAST-GROWING MOST SUCCESSFUL DENTAL ORGANIZATIONS
  • Proven scaling strategies for how to HIRE, ONBOARD AND RETAIN TOP ASSOCIATES and staff
  • Proven scaling strategies for how to implement the RIGHT SYSTEMS AND KPIS that increase profitability 
  • Proven scaling strategies for how to DUPLICATE YOURSELF AND BREAK FREE FROM THE CHAIR
  • Proven scaling strategies for how to BUILD YOUR EXECUTIVE DREAM TEAM for growth
  • Proven scaling strategies for HOW TO DEVELOP LEADERS so you can let go 
  • Proven scaling strategies to ADOPT THE LATEST DENTAL INDUSTRY TRENDS in 2022 and beyond
  • And much more... PS: The event is protected by our Money-Back Guarantee

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Emmet Scott - Co-founder & CEO, Community Dental Partners / Partner - DEO
Bio: Emmet is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling book “DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Dental Empire”. As cofounder and CEO of Community Dental Partners (CDP) since 2009, he has led CDP’s growth from 1 to 90+ locations.

Emmet is also the founder and host of DSO Secrets, a podcast focused on building the best dental organizations in the industry, and the founder of a Facebook group by the same name. 

He is president of the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO). A lifelong entrepreneur, Emmet loves empowering others by sharing the wisdom of diverse people throughout the group dentistry industry.

DEO Growth Summit 2022 Keynote Experts

Raising the Bar — a DSO Titan’s Growth Story — Growing from 0 to 700+ Locations

Keynote Speaker: Steve Bilt, CEO, Smile Brands, Inc., (700+ locations) 

Steve co-founded OneSmile and Smile Brands (together referred to as "Smile Brands") over 20 years ago when the DSO industry was in its infancy. As CEO he has led their exponential growth trajectory to 700+ locations to date. Steve focuses on Smile Brands’ organizational purpose and rewarding relationships with all constituents under a comprehensive vision of “Smiles for Everyone”! He leads all activities of Smile Brands, a $1B+ DSO with 700+ practices and 8,000+ providers and employees across the U.S. They continue to expand rapidly and organically through acquisition and de novo growth.

Steve and Smile Brands have numerous accolades: Smile Brands’ affiliated offices have a combined Google rating of 4.4 Stars; Glassdoor recognitions include an employee rating of 4.4 stars, 93% Employee Recommendation Rating, 100 Best Places to Work in the U.S., and Best U.S. Large Company CEO; Comparably awards include Best Large Company U.S. CEO, Best CEO for Diversity, and Best CEO for Women & Career Advancement, and Company Culture; and many more.

Steve will give an inspirational keynote presentation on how to lead your dental organization into the future.

What You’ll Walk Away With
His successful leadership journey

→ Provide a roadmap for DSO leaders to reach their leadership potential

→ Smile Brands’ incredible growth story and approach to associates, financing, acquisitions/de Novos, quality patient care, branding, and much more


PANEL - Growing Rapidly? Biggest Successes, Mistakes, and Lessons Learned from 3 Fast-Growing Dental Groups

The Problem: What is it really like to lead a rapidly scaling dental group — the good, the bad, and the ugly?

The Solution: Hear Elliot Zibel, Dr. Dipesh Patel, and Dr. Mary Pham, share the unvarnished truth about leading an emerging dental group and what they would have done differently

Speaker: Elliot Zibel is the CEO of Select Dental Management (25+ locations) which he co-founded in 2018. In less than 3 years since its inception Select Dental has grown to support 25+ locations in 8 states. Elliot manages all non-clinical functions including strategy, finance, business development, human resources, and marketing.

Speaker: Dr. Dipesh Patel leads the Consulting and Management of and is co-founder of Blueprint Smiles Dental Group (5 locations). Dr. Patel earned his DMD from Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine. He is part of numerous dental organizations including the ADA, GDA, AGD, and NWDDS. Dentistry is his number 1 passion and he considers helping dental practices grow and succeed as 1a.

Speaker: Dr. Mary Pham is CEO, and Founder, Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics (3 locations). She received her DDS from the University of Southern California, and realized that pediatric dentistry was her passion! Dr. Pham is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and was named one of the Top 40 Under 40 Dentists by Incisal Edge Magazine.

What You'll Walk Away With - Get a peek behind the curtain into what it’s really like to lead a fast-growing dental group including what Elliot, Dr. Patel, and Dr. Pham would have changed if they could turn back time. They will share:
→ Pitfalls to avoid
→ Biggest mistakes they made and what they wish they would have done instead
→ The ups and downs of their journey — real talk about what NOT to do as you scale

MASTERMIND PANEL - Associate Compensation and Equity Structures — Pros and Cons, Opportunities and Contingencies

The Problem: How do you decide the best associate compensation structure(s) for your dental group?

The Solution: Ken Kaufman, Dr. Chris Pham, and Andrew Trolongo will explain their dental groups’ associate compensation and equity structures offerings as well as other available options.

Panelist: Ken Kaufman is the CFO of Community Dental Partners (CDP) with 90+ locations and Partner, DEO. He has been in dental finance for over 16 years. In part because of his leadership, CDP has tripled in size since he joined their team in 2016. “When Ken talks about DSO finance, you listen.” He regularly hosts episodes on financial-related topics for the DSO Secrets podcast.

Panelist: Dr. Chris L. Pham is CEO, Clinical Director, and Founder, Pham Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. He received his DDS from the Dugoni School of Dentistry. In his role as CEO and Clinical Director, he supports clinical care leaders and practice teams; and strives to develop better systems that deliver higher quality care and improve access for all patients.

Panelist: Andrew Tralongo is President of T Management, a 6 location DSO in Atlanta. In his role at T Management, he leads their efforts to ensure their dental practice partners have the true support system necessary to manage, grow, and achieve the vision they desire.

What You'll Walk Away With - Learn how other dental groups are compensating their associates from Ken, Dr. Pham, and Andrew. They’ll discuss:
→ Their equity options and structures their DSO’s are providing
→ Pros and cons of offering equity and how to create equity structures
→ The relationship between baseline compensation, bonus structures, and equity

Mainstage Presentation: Group Dentistry State of the Union: Trends on the Horizon for 2023 and Beyond

The Problem: What industry trends can dental leaders anticipate to stay competitive and scale?

The Solution: Emmet Scott will provide an overview of what’s ahead — both opportunities and contingencies — to plan for your dental group’s future.

Speaker: Emmet Scott is CEO and co-founder of Community Dental Partners (CDP) and Partner, DEO. Under his leadership CDP has grown from 1 to 90+ locations. He is the founder and host of DSO Secrets, a podcast focused on building the best dental organizations in the industry, and founder of a Facebook group by the same name.

Emmet is the author of the book “DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Dental Empire” and is also president of the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO). 


What You'll Walk Away With - Emmet will discuss the group dentistry trends on the horizon for the next 18 months and what to anticipate to plan for your dental group’s growth.
→ Which current trends are predicted to continue
→ Future consumer and industry trends to prepare for (both the opportunities ahead and the issues to get ahead of)
→ Approaches for how to stay up to date, plan/pivot accordingly, and position your dental group for scaling success

Training Presentation: Becoming a Bonafide Dentist Entrepreneur: Develop Your Leaders and Let Go with the Dental Operating System

The Problem: Your dental organization has grown enough to bring on a team of leaders for the next level of growth. How do you teach them to lead in alignment?

The Solution: Dr. Eric Roman will highlight “Dental Operating System” and how to use it to develop your team of leaders.

Speaker: Eric J. Roman, DDS, FAGD is Head of Group Training and Learning and Development / Partner, DEO, and is a coach for executives and dentists as the Visionary for Visionaries. He has fulfilled roles as a dentist, clinical director, CEO, and consultant while developing and exiting multiple dental groups. Eric is co-founder of joyFULL people and Traction for Dental, which were recently acquired by The DEO.

What You'll Walk Away With - Using the “Dental Operating System” to teach how to develop leaders, Eric will share: 

→ How to develop leaders within your organization
→ How you can be a better leader for your executive/management team
→ Why and how your leadership style will need to change

Dental Operating System - Creating a Communication Rhythm to Combat Burnout and Reduce Overwhelm

The Problem: How do you lead your dental group and stay informed and involved in strategic decisions without feeling burnt out?

The Solution: Josey Sewell will show how to use the “Dental Operating System” to create a meeting and communication rhythm that combats overwhelm so you can lead with confidence.

Speaker: Josey Sewell is Head of Implementation and Coaching / Partner, DEO. She has been in the dental industry for over 15 years. Josey understands the unique DSO/dental group business model: what systems work and how to bring out the best in people. She finds joy in solving the toughest problems entrepreneurial companies face: team engagement, scalability, and a need for appropriate infrastructure. She is a Certified EOS Implementer® and co-founder of joyFULL people and Traction for Dental, which were recently acquired by The DEO.

What You'll Walk Away With - Josey will highlight how the “Dental Operating System” (DOS) can help you combat the feeling of burnout and overwhelm including:
→ Using DOS to create a rhythm for meetings and communication within your dental organization
→ How to take back control of your time and energy levels
→ How to create an optimal team communication plan to stay connected and ready to lead with confidence

MASTERMIND PANEL - Dental Group Growth Through Acquisitions: Lessons Learned, Pitfalls To Avoid and Best Practices

The Problem: How do you grow your dental group with an acquisition-based strategy?

The Solution: Learn from Dr. Peter Kelley and Phillip Toh’s experience growing their DSOs through acquisitions. 

Panelist: Dr. Peter Kelley, DDS, is Co-founder, CEO, and Clinical Director of Operation Dental, LLC (8 locations). He earned his DDS from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Dental School. As a practicing dentist who owns multiple practices, Dr. Kelley brings vast experience to Operation Dental. He is committed to superior patient care and is proud to help other dental professionals realize their full potential.

Panelist: Philip Toh is Co-Founder and CEO of The Smilist (35+ locations). He helped found The Smilist in 2014 with a vision to create a DSO that offers exceptional patient experiences, convenience, and affordable prices. The Smilist has rapidly grown to be one of the leading DSOs in the New York metro area. Philip previously worked for Henry Schein and received his MBA from the Wharton School.

What You'll Walk Away With - Dr. Kelley and Phillip will discuss how they have scaled their DSOs rapidly with an acquisition-based strategy including:
→ How they approach each acquisition
→ Acquisition criteria to use and best practices to follow
→ What they’ve learned along the way, pitfalls to avoid, and the mistakes they made

More Speakers Coming Soon

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What Does The DEO Do?

The DEO provides an agnostic, neutral community for those dentists and executives looking to fulfill their vision and grow their dental groups / DSOs (Dentist Support Organizations) in one way or another. “Growth” includes, but is not limited to: more locations, more revenue, more staff, more impact, all of the above, etc.

"We support dentist entrepreneurs and executives who see a future bigger than they can achieve alone by connecting them with the people, education, and resources they need to grow their dental groups and fulfill their vision." - Jake Puhl, CEO of The DEO

Jacob Puhl - CEO
CEO of DEO Jacob Puhl

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--> Palatial guest rooms, suites, and casitas, featuring spacious bathrooms, Italian linens, elegant furnishings, and breathtaking Sonora views
--> A premier 18-hole course designed by renowned Architect Phil Smith
--> 8 dining options from casual to fine dining
--> 3-level pool complex including cabana and lounge seating; hot tubs; a waterslide; a kid zone with splash pad; and more
--> World-class fitness center including “on-demand” technology, providing 100s of virtual classes
--> Tennis facility, featuring 7 courts, including a tournament court
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--> Vibrant entertainment, shopping, and cultural districts of nearby Old Town Scottsdale
--> And much more!

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Attend The World's # 1 Premier Multi-Speaker, Multi-Day, Live DSO And Group Dentistry Conference

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