What Do You Do Now?

At the 10-plus practice level another set of issues appear.  Even though you now have your spreadsheets, KPIs, SOPs, operational policies, organizational chart, defined accountabilities, experienced staff and senior executives in the right positions – it’s still not working at the level you know is possible. 

You’re just not hitting on all cylinders.

Numbers aren’t bad, but they’re not great either.  Expenses seem a little out of control, but you’re working on that. The company feels sluggish, not acutely responsive. It feels as though takes longer than it should to get things done. Everything seems like it requires more effort than it should.  It’s hard to sustain any momentum that is gained.

To date, most of the attention has been on, financing, operations, systems and processes,​ and hiring for skill.  Moderate growth through scaling and replication has been achieved, but now growth is stagnant. The energy needed to make things happen is excessive.  What’s missing that would significantly increase productivity and directly enhance performance?

What has been meagerly attended to or overlooked, that still doesn’t have people and processes work much more efficiently with less energy?

The answer is leadership and culture.

The quality and potency of leadership that got you to 10-plus, won’t get you much higher.  The senior team, not just you, now needs to lead.  Your senior team needs to be more responsible and accountable, and operate with greater integrity. The senior team needs to be far more self-governing and self-managing. And that means your leadership must also transform – to have others be leaders.

And, the culture that has been loosely developed is insufficient to generate the conditions necessary for more solid and trusting relationships, much stronger communication effectiveness, and greater and more consistent execution of accountabilities.  Culture is king not a bunch of pawns on the board

​It’s now time for strong leadership development of yourself and the senior staff along with focused cultural development throughout the enterprise.