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June 27-29, 2019

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What is The DEO Summer Summit:
The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry?

The DEO Summer Summit: The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry is the premier yearly event for up-and-coming group dental practices. It empowers budding dental entrepreneurs to discover what the future holds for dentistry, and how group practices can position themselves now for future success. 

The Summit is a place where all stakeholders in group dentistry come together each year to network, learn, and grow their dental enterprises. It brings together industry players engaged in managed-group practice — from startups to the largest DSOs — to address the fundamental, critical issues that affect their growth and success. 

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You can earn Continuing Education (CE) credits at The Summit, too!


We’ve invited leading influencers representing every part of dentistry to share their expertise with you. These dynamic experts will lead exciting presentations centered around changes in “The Emerging Future” designed to change the way you provide dentistry — and how you make money. The goal is to give you the knowledge you need to scale properly by understanding the changes that lie ahead. You’ll learn all you need to know to capitalize on these new opportunities.

Dr. John C. Kois

Dr. Rania Saleh

The Future of Evidence-Based Dentistry: 2019 and Beyond
Speakers: Dr. John C. Kois, The Kois Center
Dr. Rania Saleh, founder of Oryx Dental Software

How do group practices/DSOs keep up with information? Making decisions on information not based on evidence could adversely affect the bottom line of group dental practices.

Dr. Kois and Dr. Saleh will discuss the importance of taking an evidence-based approach and address questions such as: What will treatment planning look like in the future? What will you need to do to meet the requirements? How will upcoming changes in tech alter the way you practice? How will it change the way you market? How will evidence-based dentistry affect your bottom line?
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Dr. Richard Evangelista

The Future of Emerging Groups & DSOs
Speaker: Dr. Richard Evangelista, CEO and Founder of Dentalforce

Under the leadership of CEO and Founder Dr. Richard Evangelista, Dentalforce has grown in the last five years from 30 employees to more than 40 locations with more than 400 employees — unprecedented growth, especially under single ownership and with traditional bank financing. Richard has over 15 years of proven success in dental-practice management and has gained a stellar reputation in the DSO space.

Drawing from his experience, Richard will address questions such as: What does the future have in store for emerging group practices? Where might multiples be going? What is the outlook for private equity in the emerging-group space? What growth strategies will win out in the near future? What can group practices do now to set up their businesses for future success? What’s changed in the DSO world in the last few years? What’s driving the growing number of DSOs? What trends are we seeing among DSOs? What should you be aware of in the coming years? And how do you get your DSO to thrive — regardless of the market?
Watch an interview with Dr. Evangelista about his presentation

Dr. Maryam Beyramian

The Future of Integrating Medical and Dental Health in Group Dentistry
Speaker: Dr. Maryam Beyramian, Founder & Lead Dentist,
Westwind Integrated Health

Dr. Beyramian and her team are on the cutting edge of integrated medical and dental health. Westwind Integrated Health is a multi-location group in Arizona working to shift the dental industry from dentists to "oral physicians." Westwind works directly with medical doctors to treat patients’ oral and overall health systemically.

These questions and more will be addressed: How is Westwind Dental forging the future of dentistry through an integrated medical and oral health model? What does an integrated model look like? What are the opportunities for practicing dentists and dental groups in systemic health integration? Where exactly is the crossover between medical and dental, and how can dentists today position themselves for the future?
Watch an interview with Dr. Beyramian about her presentation

Dr. Peter Boulden

The Future of Blockchain in Group Dentistry
Speaker: Dr. Peter Boulden, Bulletproof Dental Practice

Dr. Boulden will teach you about blockchain and answer questions like: How is blockchain already affecting dentistry? How does blockchain change aspects of the dental experience? What opportunities does blockchain open for group practices? What are the potential pitfalls this new technology will create? What can group practices do now to take advantage of this inevitable wave? 
Watch an interview with Dr. Boulden about his presentation

Margaret McGuckin

The Future of Top-Line Revenue Growth in Dental Groups
Speaker: Margaret McGuckin, Co-Founder and Principal, i3 Ignite 

In this dynamic session, Margaret McGuckin will discuss how she increased top-line revenue as COO of ClearChoice Dental Centers. You'll learn how she pioneered and rapidly scaled a new direct-to-consumer delivery and MSO model that became the national leader, with 31 locations across the country. Margaret will answer questions such as: What are the most innovative ways large groups can attract and convert new patients? What are sophisticated methods to convert new patients — on the phone and in the chair? Where is the lowest-hanging fruit in most dental groups?
Watch an interview with Ms. McGuckin about her presentation

Dr. William Jackson

The Future of Teledentistry in Group Dentistry 
Speaker: Dr. William Jackson, COO, Virtual Dental Care 

Dr. Jackson will discuss how teledentistry is being utilized today and where it is headed in the future. Are you taking full advantage of the benefits of teledentistry? Learn how teledentistry has evolved and increased patient convenience, enhanced peer-to-peer communication, and helped the entire dental industry reach a higher level of patient care. He will answer questions such as: How are dental offices utilizing teledentistry now, and how will they use it in the future? How can the average dental group leverage teledentistry and position themselves for the future?
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Matt Hall

Joe Feldsein

Joe Feldsien

The Future of Payments in Group Dentistry:
The Provider-Patient Relationship
Speakers: Matt Hall, MBA, President and COO of Wellfit
Joe Feldsien, Senior Vice President of Professional Partnerships,
Pacific Dental Services

The current state of paying for dentistry, which hasn’t changed in over five decades, is filled with complexity, misunderstanding, and lack of transparency. As a result, it creates stress, friction, and frustration that breaks down trust between providers and patients. The introduction of new innovative financial technology (FinTech) offers solutions for building trust between providers and patients.

Matt Hall, MBA, is President and COO of Wellfit, whose healthcare tech platform aims to help to reduce healthcare costs by eliminating payment complexities and unifying payment processes. Matt has over 15 years of dental-industry experience.

Joe Feldsien is Senior Vice President of Professional Partnerships at Pacific Dental Services, where he serves the needs of clinical professionals in the areas of clinical excellence — including GP, hygiene and specialties, professional development, partnerships, and university relations.
Watch an interview with Mr. Hall and Mr. Feldsien about their presentation

Dr. Ryan Hungate

The Future of Dental Patients' Retail Experience in Group Dentistry
Speaker: Dr. Ryan Hungate, Orthodontist/Founder and CSO, Simplifeye

Prior to becoming an orthodontist, Dr. Hungate worked for Apple directly under the Director of Retail Experience, and designed the customer workflow experience that is still used globally by Apple's 500 retail stores. Using this experience, Dr. Hungate founded Simplifeye with the belief that now is the time for cutting-edge technology to revolutionize dentistry, improving both the patient and dentist experience.

Dr. Hungate will address these topics and more: How technology can be used to to automate the patient experience; how software can increase new patient flow, decrease patient check-in times, decrease insurance verification times, decrease accounts receivable, and increase payment collections. Dr. Hungate will show you how the right technology not only enhances the patient experience, but that it’s also preferred by patients, as they seek more Amazon Go-like customer-service automation options.
Watch an Interview with Dr. Hungate about his presentation

Eva Sadej

Farhad Attaie

The Future: Bringing Dental Care to Patients — the Floss Bar Model
Speakers: Eva Sadej, Founder & CEO, and Farhad Attaie, CSO,
Floss Bar

Ms. Sadej and Mr. Attaie will take a deep dive into the Floss Bar model, which offers portable dental units that come into corporations, workspaces, or residential buildings to offer onsite dental care. Floss Bar, which also partners with local dentists and hygienists, has scaled quickly to more than 40 states in the past year. Striving to make dental care more accessible, Floss Bar also seeks to help change the disease model that has been at the core of dental-care delivery, leading 50 percent of Americans to avoid the dentist. People who don’t seek dental care often suffer from gum disease-related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. By providing mobile dental care, Floss Bar’s aim is to help close the fundamental divide most patients feel between their body and mouth — the medical/dental connection.

Eva Sadej, Founder & CEO
Ms. Sadej graduated from Harvard University in 2012, after which she worked for Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world. Eva dreamed up Floss Bar when she noticed how complicated it was to get basic dental care without taking hours off from work or getting offered multiple extra services.

Farhad Attaie, CSO
Before Floss Bar, Mr. Attaie was a co-founder at hellosmile, and spent the past decade building a new pediatric oral and medical health service model for some of New York City's most underserved communities, focusing on prevention rather than treatment. 

Watch an interview with Mr. Attaie about their presentation

Ken Cooper 

Special Panel: Association of Dental Support Organizations — "Associate Ownership Models: Is the 'Employee-Dentist' Model Dead?"
Panelist: Ken Cooper, CEO
North American Dental Group

In this panel, you'll hear from three different DSOs and learn their approaches to researching and creating associate ownership plans, including successes and failures, best practices, and tips and advice for group-practice owners who are exploring their options or rolling out similar models.

Mr. Cooper is the CEO and Founder of 150+ location North American Dental Group (NADG), one the premier DSOs in the industry. He has helped build the organization to become one of the leading Dental Service Organizations in the United States. As a panelist, Mr. Cooper will cover NADG’s innovative growth model, what has been successful, and what they have learned in their growth journey to 150+ locations. Mr. Cooper will offer input on NADG’s model, including how they look at partnering with and purchasing emerging dental groups, what their acquisition process is like, how they find groups to partner with or acquire, and more. 

Tarek Aly 

Special Panel: Association of Dental Support Organizations —  "Associate Ownership Models: Is the 'Employee-Dentist' Model Dead?"
Panelist: Tarek Aly, BDS, MBA, Co-founder and COO
OrthoDent Management, LLC

In this panel, Mr. Aly joins Mr. Cooper to share his approach to answering these questions: How do we attract and retain the best associate talent? Is it essential, if not mandatory, to offer associate ownership?

Mr. Aly is co-founder and COO of OrthoDent Management, with 11 locations, and co-owner of Modern Smiles, with 6 locations. He is experienced with pediatric dentistry and orthodontic model ownership. Mr. Aly will discuss the associate ownership model, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and what he sees in the future of  the employee dentist vs. associate dentist ownership model.

Merritt Dake

Special Panel: Association of Dental Support Organizations —  "Associate Ownership Models: Is the 'Employee-Dentist' Model Dead?"
Panelist: Merritt Dake, Chief Executive Officer
Rock Dental Brands

Mr. Dake rounds out the panel, offering a unique approach to associate ownership plans. As CEO of Rock Dental Brands, Mr. Dake has overseen their growth through acquisitions and de novo clinics from 2 locations in 2012 to 74 locations in 2018.

Mr. Dake will share how Rock Dental Brands accomplished its growth through a progressive partnership model that allows dentists and dental specialists to focus solely on patient care, while the Rock Dental team provides all the centralized-practice management services and backend support. As a panelist, Mr. Dake will share what makes their associate ownership model successful, why it helped them grow quickly, and the best practices learned. 

Dr. David Janash

Special Panel: Pitfalls to Avoid When Growing a Group from 1 to 3 to 5 Locations and Beyond
Host: Dr. David Janash, President & CEO
Underbite Dental Management

Dr. Janash will host this panel and also offer his insight on the most common issues and decisions growing groups face, including: the biggest challenges getting through the first few locations; current obstacles; and future hurdles when growing a dental group.

In 2011 Dr. Janash founded Underbite Management, a New York City-based DSO. As a panelist, he'll share his experience as CEO of a DSO managing five locations. Underbite offers a comprehensive slate of services and solutions designed to protect practices from the seismic shifts happening in the dental industry.

Dr. Marc Adelberg

Special Panel: Pitfalls to Avoid When Growing a Group from 1 to 3 to 5 Locations and Beyond
Panelist: Dr. Marc AdelbergOwner
Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental, PC

Dr. Adelberg also joins this panel and brings his experience with growing a four-location pediatric dentistry practice. He will share the unique growth opportunities and challenges he faces as owner of a growing multi-location specialty practice. Come prepared to learn what pitfalls you should avoid when expanding your specialty group practice.

Dr. Adelberg founded and owns Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental, PC with four locations outside New York City. He received his dental education from the University of Buffalo and completed a two-year residency in pediatric dentistry at Montefiore Medical Center, the hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He often lectures to parent groups, preschools, and kindergarten classes, introducing the fun of dentistry to  3- to 6-year-olds.

Dr. Lori Noga

Special Panel: Pitfalls to Avoid When Growing a Group from 1 to 5 to 10 Locations and Beyond
Panelist: Dr. Lori Noga, DMD, Founder & CEO
Tranquility Dental Wellness

Dr. Noga will share her experience of growing from one to three locations. As an owner of three locations with unique spa-like environments, she will share the daily challenges she faces when executing this model. Dr. Noga will offer the strategies she's learned along the way to successfully build her group as well as the tough lessons learned.

Dr. Noga is Founder & CEO of Tranquility Dental Wellness, which has three locations in the Tacoma, Washington, area, offering  contemporary, relaxing environments for dental patients. Her treatment philosophy encompasses health, function, and beauty.

Scott Guest

Special Panel: Pitfalls to Avoid When Growing a Group from 1 to 3 to 5 Locations and Beyond
Panelist: Scott Guest, Co-founder and COO
New Horizons Dental Practice Management

Mr. Guest rounds out the panel, bringing operational knowledge to share. Scott is COO of New Horizons Dental Practice Management, a DSO which currently manages nine practices and counting. Mr. Guest will share the the biggest challenges he’s observed from a business perspective watching practices grow through the first few locations, and pass the insights he's gleaned on to you.

Mr. Guest co-founded New Horizons Dental Practice Management in 2013 and is responsible for overseeing all the day-to-day operations, including instilling the discipline of utilizing data and key performance indicators into all aspects of the business.

Emmet Scott

And...Featuring Special Guest Host: 
Emmet Scott, CEO

Community Dental Partners 

Mr. Scott is CEO and co-founder of Community Dental Partners and Smile Magic Dentistry and Braces. Community Dental Partners, based out of Denton, Texas, has 20 locations and 50 associates — primarily pediatric with some general practitioners in both urban and rural locations. They have private-equity backing and are in the process of integrating ortho into all of their locations.

Before building Smile Magic, Mr. Scott started in the financial planning industry, where he built and sold two financial planning firms, one in Houston and the other in Las Vegas. He then launched his own radio show from Las Vegas: “The Entrepreneur Life,” and established a consulting firm branded Entrepreneur Advisors.


This year will mark the 7th DEO Summit (Formerly Mastery Summit). Registrants include nearly 400 dentists, group executives, and dental professionals, as well as 38 sponsors dedicated to the group space. Summit attendees consist of small and emerging group practices, mid-level DSOs (50 to 100 practices), suppliers, vendors, and capitalists.

You'll have the opportunity to network with:

  • check
    Dentist-Entrepreneurs with Growing Practice Portfolios
  • check
    Equity Partners Investing in Managed-Group Practices 
  • check
    Upper Senior Executives Leading Groups in North America
  • check
    Executives Growing Groups Outside of North America
  • check
    Regional Managers for Group Practices and Brands
  • check
    Office Managers for Group Practices and Brands
  • check
    Senior Advisors Leading The Growth of Managed Groups
  • check
    Capital Investors Looking to Expand  
  • check
    Equipment Suppliers to Managed Groups 
  • check
    Consultants Specializing in Growing Groups 
  • check
    Constituents from the Entire Group Practice Supply Chain 
  • check
    ... Anyone Else Who Touches Managed Group Practices

And you can earn Continuing Education (CE) credits at The Summit too!

What is The Summit?

The DEO SUMMIT is an educational conference bringing the best minds in the country together with the greatest DSO entrepreneurs to grow, develop, and prepare for the dynamic future.

The Goal?

Simple: to provide group practices with a clear idea of how to position themselves to take advantage of the future.

The event is an unprecedented opportunity to have access to nearly every type of stakeholder in the DSO and Managed Group Practice space.

Network. Engage. Succeed.

Why Should you Attend?

If you are a group practice with three to 20 locations, you need to be here! You will discover the winning roadmap for building a group practice and build key relationships with colleagues.

Our goal is for you to understand what’s coming and how to prepare for it by discovering practical tools for a successful group practice business. To do this, you need to acquire knowledge of infrastructure and processes for managing a group practice — just a few of the skills you’ll master at the Summit.

You'll gain access to speakers and industry experts, and learn from some of the most successful DSO’s in the country.

Contribute to the emerging DSO community network with key stakeholders who are moving the industry forward. Stay ahead of the rapidly changing group practice landscape. Be able to anticipate the future to capitalize on opportunities.

What will you Learn?

You will discover emerging trends in the rapidly changing aspects of:

Education and materials

Small-group and DSO dynamics

Practice acquisition

Hospital dentistry


Artificial intelligence

And much more

You’ll learn the essential keys necessary to grow a group practice from two to five, from five to 10, from 10 to 30 practices — and beyond.

Plus, you can earn Continuing Education (CE) credits at The Summit, too!


"I always come to The Summit. We've grown from one to 25 practices in three years. The information you learn really sets you on the right path."

— Ty Shoemaker, CDO, Smiles Dental


Day 1: June 27

5:00 p.m.

Arrive at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa

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7:00 p.m.

Welcome Reception

Day 2: June 28

7:00 a.m.

Breakfast & Registration

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4:00 p.m.

Panel Day 2

5:00 p.m.

Close Day 2

Day 3: June 29

7:00 a.m.

Breakfast & Registration

8:00 a.m.


8:30 a.m.


9:30 a.m.


10:00 a.m.


11:00 a.m.


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2:00 p.m.

Panel Day 3

3:00 p.m.

Close Day 3

Registration Closed

2019 Summer Summit Registration


Per Attendee

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Full Access to Speakers 

Full Access to Networking and Events — plus, Earn CE CREDITS !

The 2019 DEO Summer Summit: The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry is open to all members of the dental community.  DEO Members receive a special registration price. 

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