June 8-10 | San Diego, California


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Who Is Summit For?

DEO Summit is for Dental Group Owners, Leaders, and Teams with organizations doing over $1m in annual revenue that want to create more profit, impact, and time for themselves and their businesses.

Why Should You Attend Summit?

The DEO Summit will give you the solutions to lower your costs and multiply your margins despite the current challenging headwinds, and give you the tools to build an unshakable organization that can GROW and THRIVE in ANY ECONOMY.

How Will Summit Help You And Your Business?

After leaving Summit, you'll be equipped to:

  • Stop the bleeding of rising costs & GROW YOUR DWINDLING MARGINS by 10x
  • Confidently navigate & LEVERAGE OPPORTUNITIES in times of ECONOMIC DIFFICULTY
  • GET THE MOST OUT of your increasingly expensive TEAM
  • Implement the right SYSTEMS & KPIs for accountable, PRODUCTIVE teams
  • Hire, train & retain TOP ASSOCIATES/STAFF and keep a healthy, happy workplace
  • Generate more PROFIT, make more IMPACT, & have more TIME to spend how you want
  • And much more... PS: The event is protected by our Money-Back Guarantee AND you can get CE Credits

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Thursday, June 8th, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (PT)

Registration & Opening Reception

Registration: Starting at 4:00 pm

Opening Reception: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

You’ll enjoy an unforgettable evening at the gorgeous Manchester Grand Hyatt! Our DEO staff will assist you to get registered, and then you’ll have the chance to mix and mingle with other like-minded attendees and our stellar speakers. You’ll network, have fun, make lasting connections, and tap into the energy and excitement of Summit!

Friday, June 9th, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (PT)

10 Things You Must Do NOW To Recession-Proof Your Dental Business and Seize Opportunities

Speakers: Patrick Nelson and Emmet Scott 

Problem: Now more than ever you want a business that stands the test of time against inflation, recession, and the many ups and downs of the economy. How do you ensure your dental company can withstand AND thrive in the midst of rising costs, decreasing margins, a brutal labor market, and conservative patients?

Solution: You need to put tried and true financial tenets in place that have worked for dental organizations over the last 3+ recessions. This session offers 10 strategies that will help you strengthen and shelter your dental company from recession, inflation, and other external economic forces, and help you improve your profit margins by 20%+ without any additional growth.

What You'll Walk Away With:
- A recession and inflation economy reference guide with which to approach your dental company’s growth and success plans
- How to turn expenses, valuations, cost of capital, interest rates, accounting methods, and more to your favor, strengthening your dental company’s financial position
- How to leverage financial uncertainty to discover an abundance of opportunities to thrive and grow your business

Future of Group Dentistry: How To Maximize Operational Efficiency Now To Thrive in 2023 & Beyond

Speaker: Emmet Scott

The Problem: Were you prepared for COVID? Were you prepared for Millenial and Gen Z workforce dynamics? Were you prepared for the biggest issues hitting our industry today like unprecedented costs and shrinking margins? Most weren't, and they're suffering today as a result. How can you properly fortify and prepare for big shocks and big opportunities that exist in the future? That's the problem, you can't, at least not for the most part. Nobody can predict all of the crazy things that happen in the world and in dentistry, and as a result a lot of dental leaders are slow to respond to future threats and opportunities.

The Solution: 
 You can't predict everything, but you can predict some of it. For example, while COVID was largely an unfrseen event, the aftermath on inflation, rising costs/rates, and its impact on the labor market was not a complete surprise. Why? Because of data and trend analysis. As the Co-Founder of a large 50+ Location Dental Organization, Emmet Scott has access to vast amounts of macro data and as a result, he can see trends form before most. In his session, Emmet will be sharing these trends and findings with you so can harness the future instead of fall victim to it!

What You'll Walk Away With:

Strategies to prepare for group dentistry trends now and on the horizon, so you can pivot and plan for success. You’ll learn:

- Which current trends are predicted to continue.

- Future consumer and industry trends to prepare for - the economic, technology, and demographic trends you may not have thought of.

- Approaches for how to stay up to date, plan/pivot accordingly, and position your dental company for success

- And Much More.

3 Associate Frameworks GUARANTEED To Fix Your Associate Hiring, Onboarding, and Retention Issues

Speaker: Dr. Eric Roman

Problem: Have you ever had an associate leave abruptly, crippling your business? Have you found them hard to replace… and attract new associate candidates? You’re not alone (especially in today's labor market). Having bad-fit associates and losing good-fit ones can halt production and growth in its tracks!

Solution: To build a thriving associate culture, you have to be intentional about “the right fit” throughout the ENTIRE employment cycle - from with the job ad to when they exit, hopefully via retirement. This session will walk you through our proprietary Associate Success framework taught in the DEO MAP Operating System that promises to 5x-10x your associate retention and hiring success.

What You'll Walk Away With:
- Frameworks to attract, onboard, and manage associates the RIGHT way
- Fresh approaches on how to turn associates from your biggest headache and liability to your biggest boon and asset
- Systems to properly manage and lead associates, keeping them productive, efficient, and happy

The 3-Step Right-Sizing Framework to Drive Revenue, Decrease Cost, & Improve Efficiency

Problem: You want to reach your dental organization’s goals, growth or otherwise while maximizing your EBITDA, but aren’t sure if your current departmental structure will get you there. How do you balance how fast to build your team vs. how much to hold back and restructure? It can be highly stressful and nerve-wracking, especially when it may involve downsizing and/or adding to certain departments over others.

Solution: In this panel facilitated by Josey Sewell, RDH, you will gain a strategic framework for your department leaders to evaluate whether their teams are set up to achieve your dental organization’s goals (growth or other). You’ll gain a system to help you with what can be a very emotionally challenging process and make the necessary difficult decisions. Josey will guide you through how to adopt this framework joined by 3 dental entrepreneurs who are using this strategy to reach their goals.

What You'll Walk Away With:
- A 4-step framework: document; strengths and weaknesses; brainstorm; and build scenarios
- Identify areas of opportunity to drive revenue, decrease costs, etc. all to maximize your EBITDA
- A system to confidently plan for a clear structure, service level, and budget to reach your goals
- Lessons from 3 leaders using the framework to run and grow successful dental organizations

The Dental AI Revolution: Debunking Myths and Unveiling Opportunities for DSOs

Panelists: Wes Judish, Florian Hillen, Adam McDaniel, and Dr. Michael Acierno

The Problem: As the dental industry witnesses the rise of AI technology, dental companies face uncertainty about if, when, and how to implement it. There is a lack of awareness regarding how AI works and its specific applications within the DSO context. Moreover, concerns about job security, the role of human expertise, and the accuracy of AI-driven diagnostics further hinder the adoption of this revolutionary technology.

The Solution: You need a comprehensive understanding of what AI is and what it offers for your business so you can make informed decisions. Through insightful discussions and case studies, panelists will debunk common AI myths, clarify its impacts, and show why human expertise is key for AI-driven solutions.

What You’ll Walk Away With
- An awareness of how AI works, with specific applications for DSOs
- Understanding AI's real impact on job security, the role of human expertise, and the accuracy of AI-driven diagnostics
- Key factors for DSO leaders to consider when evaluating dental AI solutions and determining if they are the right choice for their organization
- Examples of how AI can enhance patient care, streamline operations, and boost performance

Navigating the DSO Waterfall: Harnessing Dental Practice Transition Trends in Acquisitions, De Novos & More for Business Growth

Speaker: Dr. David Juliani

Problem: You want to carefully consider your options for your dental company’s growth but it’s hard to keep up with how to best evaluate them in light of a fast-changing industry.

Solution: You need expert insight to help you weigh your options. With a comprehensive understanding of current transition trends, you’ll be able to better plan the next steps for dental company growth.

What You'll Walk Away With:
- Up to date intel on current transition trends in dental practices and DSO trends in transitioning practices
- Different options available to dentists and how this decision can be approached with doctors' end goals in mind
- Aquisitional vs. organic growth patterns and the benefits of each
- Importance of technology integration in DSO growth and competitiveness

6 Proven Systems To Destroy Quiet Quitting: How To Take Your Team from Checked-Out, Unmotivated Flight Risks to Productive & Happy Self-Managing BOSSES

Speaker: Jackie Brown

Problem: Recent studies show that over 50% of employees are “quiet quitting” and a record high 35%+ will leave their jobs in 2023. It’s harder than ever to retain and motivate employees. Feel familiar?

Solution: Get your team aligned with your core values and bought into your vision. HINT: Treat them like HUMANS, not just KPI-driving factory robots. This process begins before the first interview! The DEO has created proven systems that drastically improve employee retention and happiness by the tune of 5x-10x, and Jackie Brown is sharing that system with you in this session!

What You'll Walk Away With

- Systems and tools to hire, onboard, train, and ensure maximum retention

- Systems to create accountability and motivation within your team

- Systems to reward your team and cultivate a culture of self-managing superstars

Unique Solutions for Your Dental Company’s Labor Shortage: How To Hire Remote Teams, Source Talent, & Reduce Costs

Speaker: J.W. Oliver Jr., Managing Partner, SupportDDS & ZimWorX

Problem: Hiring and retention challenges are hitting entrepreneurs hard: not only are you facing rising costs in labor and a labor shortage but you are also battling “quiet quitting”, trying to keep your team motivated as well!

Solution: Think outside the box. Solve your labor issues with remote teams. You’ll find motivated and productive employees who do more with less, freeing up your time and resources to focus on profit-generating activities.

What You’ll Walk Away With
- Unique solutions for the impacts demographic trends are having on the workforce
- How remote teams can help you centralize, offshore workload, and cut costs
- Understand outsource, insource, vs. your source for dental company growth
- How to optimize your revenue cycle management with creative job solutions

[KEYNOTE] How To Go Viral: The Exact Formula for Driving Exponential Traffic to Your Business and Lowering Patient Acquisition Cost

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ben Winters, D.D.S., M.S. - AKA "The Bentist"

Problem: It’s no secret that our economy is a bit rocky at the moment. In dental specifically, costs are rising, especially in labor, and margins are dwindling. Dental companies can’t spend more than is necessary to acquire customers.

Solution: That’s where Dr. Ben Winters AKA "The Bentist" comes in: he will give you the exact formula for going viral and leveraging social media to drive more patients and business. More organic FREE traffic = lower patient acquisition costs. Dr. Winters was one of the first professionals that entered the TikTok social media space in January 2019, 2 months after it launched. He has amassed over 20 million collective followers on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube, with over 1 BILLION views per year.

What You’ll Walk Away With:
- A firm grasp on the value and impact of social influence for building your dental company
- What it takes to create viral content, and how to use content to build/grow your brand
- Finding the formula for developing viral content for every type of person / dental business. It's not one size fits all

Sponsored by Align Technology, changing lives through better smiles. We reimagine and reinvent the way orthodontic and restorative treatment is presented and delivered to millions of people around the world.

Saturday, June 10th, 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM (PT)

[KEYNOTE] How To Turn Challenge and Change Into Competitive Advantage and Growth Opportunities for Your Dental Company

Keynote Speaker: Peter Sheahan, Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group/ Inspirational Public Speaker

The Problem: Dental leaders are navigating a challenging post-COVID landscape with rising inflation, a possible recession, supply chain constraints, labor shortages, and more while endeavoring to run and grow successful dental companies.

The Solution: Resilient leaders, agile organizations, and high-performing teams will persevere no matter the uncertainty! Peter will inspire you to lead your dental company’s growth forward despite the challenging climate.

After decades of standing in the fire with leaders of high-performing organizations, Peter has come to believe that an organization will only go commercially where its leaders first go personally. His clients include Apple; Chick-fil-A; DeBeers; AT&T; Goldman Sachs; Microsoft; Hyundai; IBM, Pfizer; Wells Fargo; Cardinal Health; and more. Peter has built 3 global companies, delivered more than 3,000 presentations in 40+ countries, and is the author of 7 international books.

What You’ll Walk Away With
- How to accelerate change without burning your staff and associates out
- How to avoid paralysis and manage ambiguity as you grow your locations, revenue, or both
- How to turn burning platforms into a burning ambition to inspire your team to achieve your growth goals

This session is sponsored by Super Human Fathers. Super Human Fathers is a highly disciplined men’s accountability group, focused on physical and mental health.

The 10-Element Dental Operating System That Will 10x Your Profit, Impact, and Time

Speaker: Dr. Eric Roman

You want to generate more profit for your business, impact your team/community and have more time for yourself to spend how YOU want. You have a vision of what you want for the future, but you’re too busy trying to stay afloat, putting out fires, and stuck in the day-to-day. This stagnation is caused by "cracks" that are starting to show in your business. When times are great, problems and "cracks" in your company are often hidden thanks to forgiving top-line revenue. When times are challenging (like today), those "cracks" start to grow and show, and if they get too big they can shatter everything.

"Cracks" are caused by broken systems and inefficiencies in your dental group. These need to be fixed if you want to thrive and/or grow in ANY economic climate, good or bad. The ONLY way to truly fix these "cracks" is by implementing a true Operating System (OS) which is the set of processes and language that guides everything in your business from strategy to the day-to-day. Adopting a good OS will turn your company into an operational machine with TIGHT systems that leave very little room for error. In this session, Dr. Eric Roman is going to teach you how YOU can install our proprietary DEO MAP Operating System into your dental organization which promises to get you more PROFIT, more TIME, and more IMPACT!

What You'll Walk Away With
- DEO MAP’s 10 foundational elements for a self-managing, growing, entrepreneurial dental company
- How DEO MAP can help you communicate with your team by creating a common language
- Solutions for how to install and implement DEO MAP

How to Leverage AI/ChatGPT in Your Organization To Cut Overhead Costs and Increase Profit Margins

Speaker: Emmet Scott, Dr. Chris Martin, Dr. Yooson Kim

The current economic climate, inflation, and rising rates have put a lot of external pressure on dental companies. Costs are increasing across the board and margins are shrinking. You want to bridge this gap by getting more out of your team, but they’re human just like you, and can only handle so much before burning out.

One of the best ways to cut costs and increase margins is by automating key systems and leveraging cutting-edge developments in AI tools like ChatGPT. It’s a win-win. AI and automation drastically reduces costs AND increases margins because you can divert (not necessarily terminate) costly labor expenses from those systems to ROI-positive, needle-moving activities. This session will teach you what processes you can automate in your dental organization and how you can automate them.

What You'll Walk Away With
- An outline of the best ways to leverage AI and ChatGPT today in your Dental Group
- How to create maximum synergy and interaction between your team and AI/ChatGPT
- Where to best use your team’s resulting freed-up time and how to determine which high impact / ROI initiatives your team can work on next to increase profit

How To Prevent Burnout: Managing and Embracing the Stress You’ll Inevitably Face As a Dental Leader

Speakers: Dr. Eric Roman and Dr. Gregory Toback

As a dental leader, you are working hard every day to achieve your vision for a thriving dental business but sometimes it’s much harder than you ever imagined it would be! You’re struggling to handle the stress of it all, particularly with today’s unprecedented challenges.

Learn from Dr. Roman and Dr. Toback’s experience traveling the unique path of being a dental entrepreneur/owner - they successfully navigated the 2008 recession, and came out thriving. They have walked in your shoes and will offer creative approaches for how to embrace stress and put things in perspective.

What You'll Walk Away With
- Vulnerable perspectives and real solutions to help you embrace the inherent stress of your leadership role
- Key habits to incorporate in your day-to-day to manage stress and keep from burning out
- How to shift your view of the current challenging labor and economic climate from overwhelm to confidence

How 3 Thriving Dental Organizations Are Navigating Today’s Biggest Challenges: Overhead, Labor Shortages, Insurance, & Recession

Speakers: Dr. Yooson Kim, Amber Collins, Dr. David Janash, and Elliot Zibel

You strive every day to run a thriving dental company, but reaching your goals and achieving your vision comes with challenges, some of which you may not have anticipated like a global pandemic and supply chain shortage, and now this time of extreme economic uncertainty!

This session will highlight 3 dental leaders who are running thriving dental companies despite the challenging financial landscape. They’ll share concrete financial solutions that you can easily adapt for your dental company.

What You'll Walk Away With
- KPIs and systems to help your business both stay afloat and be competitive
- Ways to creatively cut costs, manage inflation and stay profitable in this economy
- How to reframe your view on financial challenges - hear raw “real talk” about how you can lead a thriving business today

KPIs for 10 Dental Practice Positions To Eradicate Quiet Quitting and Drive Accountability, Productivity, and Performance

Speaker: Josey Sewell

 Are you setting organizational goals and not hitting them? Is your team just going through the motions every day when they show up for work? If you answered yes, your KPIs might not be flowing properly into your company goals, and/or your KPIs might not be instilling accountability and empowerment in your team.

You can’t manage what you don't measure. Tracking the right KPIs can bring you a multi-layered victory as they can create accountability and purpose in your team, and help you course correct in real-time to stay on pace to hit organizational goals. Proper use of KPIs is key to helping your dental company boost productivity, deliver better patient care, and increase profitability! In this session, Josey will not only show what KPIs you should be tracking, but she'll also show you how to fully harness them too.

What You'll Walk Away With

- A list of KPIs to evaluate for each dental position and scorecard templates to customize
- Get the exact SOPs to build and manage your KPI Scoreboards
- Learn how to create a company scoreboard and pick metrics
- Get expert recommendations of metrics for associates, dental hygienists, and more
- Gain strategies for using scoreboards weekly with the team


Tickets Will Sell Out

What Does The DEO Do?

The DEO provides training, education, and community to owners and executives looking to fulfill their vision and grow their dental groups / DSOs (Dentist Support Organizations) in one way or another. “Growth” includes, but is not limited to: more locations, more revenue, more staff, more impact, all of the above, etc.

"We support dentist entrepreneurs and executives who see a future bigger than they can achieve alone by connecting them with the people, education, and resources they need to grow their dental organizations and fulfill their vision." - Jake Puhl, CEO of The DEO

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

1 Market Place, San Diego, California

At Summit, not only will you make connections and learn strategies to take your dental organization to the next level, you’ll also enjoy one of the best hotels San Diego has to offer!

Plan your trip as a vacation for yourself, with your family, or as an opportunity for your team to enjoy Southern California’s vibrant culture and natural beauty. Experience spacious rooms, stunning views, and upscale amenities steps from the city’s top attractions.

Here’s just some of what the Grand Hyatt has to offer:

  • Palatial guest rooms and suites featuring soothing décor,  modern amenities, and Pacific Ocean views to help you relax and recharge
  • Two rooftop swimming pools with panoramic views of San Diego Bay, private poolside cabanas and whirlpools
  • 24-hour StayFit™ Fitness Center with over 30 pieces of Precor® cardio equipment, free weights and exercise machines
  • 7 dining options from casual to fine dining
  • Nearby exciting attractions: sunny beaches, championship golf courses plus popular destinations, like the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Seaport Village and Gaslamp Quarter
  • And much more!

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Attend The World's # 1 Premier Multi-Speaker, Multi-Day, Live DSO And Group Dentistry Conference

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