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December 14th, 11am-3pm ET


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Join us for a 4-hour live interactive virtual event - a powerful training on systems being used right now by rapidly-growing, successful dental organizations, cultivated from DEO MAP, the first operating system just for growing dental companies.

Your ticket gives you access to growth experts, tactical strategies you can implement right away, bonus resources, and ample Q & A opportunities with our experts.
  • How to hire, onboard, and retain top associates and staff
  • How to develop great managers so you can let go of the day-to-day and lead 
  • How to create an effective team culture that will pay dividends for years to come 
  • How to effectively communicate your compelling growth vision and combat burnout 
  • How to become a change champion - to get your team to embrace change and succeed
  • How to take your team from checked-out and unmotivated to thriving and happy 
  • And much more... PS: The event is protected by our Satisfaction Guarantee and replays are free to everyone that registers.
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Speaker: Dr. Eric Roman, DEO Partner
Dr. Roman has developed multiple dental groups and fulfilled the roles of dentist, clinical director, CEO, and more. He was CEO/Co-Founder of CarolinasDentist and helped it grow from 0 to $30+m in revenue in 5 years.

From inception through exit, he is an expert on building transformational dental companies, executive team development, culture, managing Millennial/ post-Millennial workforces, and more. Dr. Roman has trained 100s of associates and developed proven strategies to keep them productive, engaged, and happy. He is the energy force behind and co-creator of the DEO MAP dental operating system. Dr. Roman is a prolific and motivating speaker, training dental entrepreneurs on DEO MAP and more.

Speaker: Josey Sewell, RDH, DEO Partner
An RDH, with 15+ years of experience, Josey has held many executive roles including COO of a rapid-growth, multi-location dental group. With 10k direct coaching and facilitation hours, she is a sought-after expert and speaker.

She is the co-creator of the DEO MAP dental operating system, built specifically for growing dental companies. Josey is leading the DEO MAP charge, with big impacts on the dental companies that implement it - higher retention, aligned operations, lean systems, and more all resulting in happy healthy teams, increased profitability, and growth. Many dental entrepreneurs are already singing DEO MAP’s praises and with more using it every day, Josey believes it can revolutionize the industry. 

Speaker: Ken Kaufman, DEO Partner

Ken is the President & CFO of Nuvia Dental Implant Center. Previously, he was CFO of Community Dental Partners. Since 2004, he has served in C-suite roles for several successful organizations, helping to drive their growth by 3 to 10x during his tenure at each.

Ken is a sought-after dental finance thought leader. He founded DEO’s free Dental Finance Forum mastermind, which exclusively supports finance leaders of group practices/DSOs; and frequently hosts DSO finance and growth topic-related episodes of the DSO Secrets Podcast. Ken is authoring a book, “DEO’s Financial Secrets To Grow Dental Organizations: The 9 Required Clarity Tools”, scheduled for release this year.

Speaker: Emmet Scott, DEO Partner

Emmet is a dental industry disrupter, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Community Dental Partners (CDP). He is President of the Association of Dental Support Organizations; founder and host of the popular DSO Secrets podcast; and author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling book “DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Dental Empire”.

Emmet’s work in the dental industry began in 2010. He co-founded CDP in 2012 and has helped it grow from 1 to 70+ dental partner practices and growing. An engaging and celebrated leader, he is dedicated to changing the way the dental industry runs from the inside out!


Presentation: Change Management Systems To Help Your Staff Manage Expectations, Ease Frustration and Embrace Change

Speaker: DEO Partner Josey Sewell, RDH

How do you get your staff to embrace change rather than fight it?

Change management is one of the most important roles of a leader but can often be frustrating. Whether it’s a new system, goal, org chart change, KPI, etc. understanding the change curve and using robust systems can help you implement new initiatives for dental company success. In this session, you’ll:
--> Get a deep understanding of the change curve from shock to depression, to integration and in between
--> Gain a step-by-step system with tactical strategies to help your staff/associates embrace change
--> Learn tips from a dental company case study on how to successfully implement change
--> Take a real-time assessment and discover where you are on the change curve in your leadership journey

Presentation: The ROI of Culture: How To Implement Systems That Engage Your Team and Help You Increase Your Profit

Speakers: DEO Partner Joswey Sewell, RDH and DEO Partner Ken Kaufman

Problem: How do you mitigate HR being your greatest expense?

Solution: Ken and Josey will dive into the answer and give a great solution: pivot your thinking about HR costs - from an expense to an investment. With a great workplace culture, engaged teams are assets that can help your dental company thrive, make a profit, and grow. In this session, you will review employee productivity by the numbers, discuss how “quiet quitting” is hurting your bottom line, and help you solve the financial effects of reduced productivity. You’ll:
--> Learn why workplace culture is the answer to increased productivity
--> Define what systems are necessary to implement for a great workplace culture
--> Review what poor communication and performance is costing your dental company
--> How to mitigate costs with systems for better communication and to boost productivity
--> Get systems and metrics to take a disengaged team member to an engaged team member

Presentation: Keys to Happy Dental Associates - How To Create a Successful Clinical Onboarding System

Speakers: DEO Partner Dr. Eric Roman

How do you retain top associates and keep them productive, motivated, and happy?

Implement a robust clinical onboarding system. Learn from Dr. Eric Roman’s experience training 100s of associates in his career. He has learned which strategies work best and what pitfalls to avoid. In this session, you’ll access his invaluable insight for creating successful associate relationships in your dental company including:
--> Steps to create a robust onboarding clinical system for your dental company
--> The negotiables and non-negotiables to look for when hiring associates
--> Insights to hire the perfect associate for your dental company
--> How to implement a successful onboarding process, both clinical and non-clinical
--> How to effectively engage with associates: tips for communication, meetings, and more

Presentation: Systems To Overcome “Quiet Quitting”, Restore Team Health, and Avert the Hiring/Retention Crisis

Speakers: DEO Partner Dr. Eric Roman and DEO Partner Josey Sewell, RDH

Problem: How do you stop “quiet quitting” - fight apathy, motivate and develop an engaged team?

Solution: To keep employees, they need to be engaged in their career path; and feel happy and valued in a healthy work environment. But this is easier said than done. With “quiet quitting”; the “great resignation” etc.; holding on to quality staff and associates is tougher than ever. In this session you’ll learn how to:
--> How to identify the broken systems that are causing “quiet quitting”
--> Get your team to become engaged and buy into your vision
--> Better communicate with your staff and to create healthy boundaries
--> Help employees plan their career paths and have ownership in their job roles 


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The DEO is an education company with program(s) that teach dental entrepreneurs and leaders how to fulfill their visions and grow from practices to businesses, and from businesses to thriving organizations. The result: dental companies that generate more revenue, and profit, and have more impact.

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Is your team aligned and on board with the GROWTH VISION you have for your dental company? Are your staff and associates productive, motivated… HAPPY? Are you battling “quiet quitting”? You may think your workplace culture is great…but does your team agree?

You need proven systems to harness your team’s potential to grow your dental company successfully and increase your patients, revenue, profit, and impact.

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