Massive Manager Checklist

Critical KPIs For 9 Dental Group Positions

This checklist will help you establish the KPIs you need to consistently motivate your team and reach the goals necessary for growth. 

The intel within is expertly cultivated from our proprietary growth roadmap, the DEO Growth Model.

These KPIs and roles/responsibilities for 9 key dental practice positions have helped 1,000s of dental entrepreneurs keep their teams on track, aligned, and grow their businesses!

The Massive Manager Checklist covers the critical positions, like:

  • Dentist (Associate): production, supply/lab cost per hour, treatment acceptance, plus 4 other KPIs
  • Dental Hygienist: production per visit, reappointment percentage, number of sealants, plus 4 other KPIs
  • Office Manager: collections, cancellations/no-shows, RPRS, plus 8 other KPIs
  • Regional Operations: P & L performance, facility utilization plus 3 other KPIs

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