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DEO provides group practice owners the community, education and resources necessary to enhance their ability to become a corporate leader, an effective senior executive and build a thriving dental group.

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Group Practices:
You Have a Vision

You have a burning desire to create, lead and manage a substantial managed group practice. But you lack real corporate experience and knowledge. All you have is grit and tenacity, but you’re still willing to push forward. You are the new breed of dentist-entrepreneur, highly intentional and driven by courage and commitment.
However, you have one problem: You've never done this before. You've never built a large organization with dozens and dozens of employees, many associates, an executive team, or a long term mission and core values.

Dr. Marc Cooper - DEO President

But Where Do You Go To Turn Your Vision Into Reality?

The time is now for an organized peer-to-peer network of dentist-entrepreneurs, in which committed dentist-entrepreneurs can interact and continue grow and learn as business professionals. DEO is a place where dentists are genuinely interested on each other’s success, they share openly and support each other through the trial and tribulations of growing a managed group practice.

The Training

Learn How to
Add Locations,
Attract Associates,
& Build a Great Business

As you scale, you will also need access some fundamental knowledge. You’ll need to know how to find practices or locations to acquire, how to set up associate compensation models, how to build a culture, and the basic tenets to building a great company. The DEO will give you access to these elements and more.

The Community

Be Part of a Community of Like-Minded Successful Group Practice Owners

They say, “It’s lonely on the top” but we know it can also be lonely on the way to the top. But it doesn’t have to be. For dentists embarking on the entrepreneur journey, the DEO provides a strong community of growth minded dentists including general practice and all specialities (Perio, Endo, Ortho, Surgeons) all forging forward together.

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