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  • Learn how to DOUBLE the profit, revenue, locations, and overall growth of your dental group
  • Learn how to DOUBLE your patient reach through teledentistry, mobile dentistry, and more
  • Learn how to DOUBLE your scheduled appointments by operational efficiencies
  • Learn how to DOUBLE your patient leads by ramping up and adopting innovative marketing 
  • Learn how to DOUBLE your top-line revenue by capturing missed opportunities 
  • Learn how to DOUBLE your daily production by rolling out extended hours efficiently
  • Learn how to DOUBLE your top-line revenue by maximizing production per sq foot of Operatory
  • And much more... PS: The event is protected by our Money-Back Guarantee



Jake Puhl - CEO / Partner - Dentist Entrepreneur Organization
Bio: As current partner and CEO of the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO), Jake works exclusively with emerging-market group dental practices by building a community of like-minded group practice owners. Jake gives group practice leaders the resources and support they need to move from disjointed “dots on a map” to unified, thriving dental group enterprises by “Thinking like a CEO.”

Jake earned his MBA from Xavier University and has now started, owned, and served as CEO of several seven-figure businesses.


THE PANEL: How to Double Dentistry the Right Way
THE PROBLEM: How do you scale your dental organization rapidly and successfully while keeping patients first?
THE SOLUTION: Listen to Geoff Ligibel, Dr. AJ Acierno and Dr. Aman Kaur. Panel facilitated by Emmet Scott
Geoff Ligibel: President & CEO at 42 North Dental (formerly Gentle Dental Partners) (75+ Locations)
Dr. AJ Acierno: CEO & Founder at DecisionOne Dental
(32+ locations)
Dr. Aman Kaur: 
CEO of AiM Dental Alliance 
(32+ locations)

Geoff Ligibel: President & CEO at 42 North Dental (formerly Gentle Dental Partners) (75+ Locations): He joined what was then known as Gentle Dental Partners, in 2014 as CFO, becoming President and CEO in 2015. When Geoff joined they had 27 practices. Since, in the 7 years under Geoff’s leadership, they became 42 North Dental and TRIPLED their growth to 81 practices, now the fastest growing dental group in the Northeast. This rapid growth came from both De Novos and by partnering with established practices through a mission to eliminate barriers to quality patient care by providing business support to dental practices.

Dr. AJ Acierno: CEO & Co-Founder at DecisionOne Dental (32+ locations): After seeing the decrease of insurance benefits and outside investors’ impacts on medicine, Dr. Acierno vowed to create a better model for dentistry, co-founding DecisionOne Dental in 2011. DecisionOne combines the clinical autonomy and patient-first mentality of private practice with the cost efficiencies and support system inherent in a DSO. And it’s working — over the past 10 years, DecisionOne has DOUBLED growth year over year to 32+ dental practices. Also, in 2018, they partnered with Smile Brands making their model unique in the industry.

Dr. Aman Kaur is the CEO of AiM Dental Alliance. AiM is built on the principle of empowering entrepreneur dentists to build lasting success by truly supporting them and their teams. A DSO industry veteran, Dr. Kaur has been a part of running DSOs of every size and is known for helping them improve the access and quality to dental care and navigate the challenges of a changing dental industry.

What You'll Walk Away With -  Actionable tactics from the largest, and fastest growing dental groups / DSO's in the nation on how to double overall patients in your dental organization while maintaining quality of care. This panel with go over everything from doubling marketing, doubling footprint, doubling patient show up rate, doubling re-treatment, and doubling everything in-between that goes into a net 100% increase of treated patients!!!  This industry-leading panel, brought to you by the ADSO, will include the following:     

--> Hear the growth strategies of two of the industry’s largest DSO’s
--> How to maintain a focus on quality of care while growing
--> How large DSO’s plan on increasing patient access, patient care acceptance, and patient flow


The Presentation: How To Double Patient Recall and Reactivation at Scale

The Problem: How do you increase patient recall to bring in more top-line revenue?

The Solution: Vince Dilley will tell you how he did it, so you can too.

Vince Dilley is the Founder and CEO of Platinum Dental Services as well as the Founder of Platinum Recall Services. In 2010 Vince acquired Platinum Recall which provides dental practice patient retention services, call answering, and communication services. Then in 2012, he founded Platinum Dental Services, specializing in acquiring and rehabilitating failing dental offices, in part through targeted patient recall efforts. Platinum has grown to 22+ locations in 30 transactions without equity funding. Vince offers a unique perspective and knows how to squeeze the juice out of patient recall efforts.

What You'll Walk Away With - Vince will take you on his DSO start-up journey and the circuitous route he took into group dentistry. He will share strategies with you for how double your patient recall efforts including:

→ How to recover missed patient opportunities to help scale your dental organization
→ Tips for how to capture and DOUBLE re-appointments and re-activation for growth
→ Phone conversion and call center hacks to scale
→ Keeping your dental organization’s growth momentum with innovative patient retention strategies

The Presentation: How To Get Your Team To “Buy In” To Your Scaling Vision

The Problem: How do you get your team and associates invested in your scaling vision?

The Solution: Learn from Josey Sewell how to align your’s and your team’s goals to scale.

Josey Sewell is a Certified EOS Implementer®, and Founder, JoyFULL People. Josey has been in the dental industry for over 15 years, from working as a dental hygienist to COO of a fast-growing DSO, and more. She knows the unique business model of DSO/dental groups: what systems work and how to bring out the best in people. Josey is an enthusiastic leader who finds joy in solving the toughest problems entrepreneurial companies face: team engagement, scalability, and a need for appropriate infrastructure. She is dentistry's expert in applying Entrepreneurial Operating System® in dental groups to help them clarify their vision, focus on what matters, and achieve improved team health.

What You'll Walk Away With - As a dentist-entrepreneur or group dentistry leader, you are excited by your vision and motivated to achieve the goals to get there, but what about your team? It’s hard to grow when your team doesn’t share that same passion. Josey will teach you how to:
→ Use your compelling vision and values to get your team to lead growth instead of “convincing” them
→ How to avoid the perception that you want to grow only for benefit of the owners: understand your team’s goals and align them with your business goals
→ How to get your team to understand true “dental economics” for true alignment (have them follow the dollar through the dental office to show them the greatest investment is HR and team)

The Presentation: A Scaling Story — from Emerging Group to DSO: 0 to 55+ Locations and Beyond

The Problem: As a dentist-entrepreneur of an emerging dental group, how do you scale successfully and sustainably?

The Solution: Learn from Dr. Michael Riccobene’s successful DSO growth story.

Dr. Michael Riccobene is the Founder and CEO of Riccobene Associates in North Carolina. Riccobene Associates was founded in the year 2000 with its original location in Selma, NC, and has scaled to 55+ practices with PE, with 650+ employees 85+ associate providers. Dr. Riccobene's vision is to continue rapid growth both in North Carolina and into adjacent states through de novo openings and add-on affiliations with high-quality providers who share his commitment to patient care.

What You'll Walk Away With
- Be inspired to craft your goals and vision to scale. Even the most seasoned group dentistry leaders will be motivated by Dr. Riccobene. He’ll share:
→ His struggles and successes on the journey from 0 to 43+ locations plus plans for the future
→ Why an accountability shift is required to scale: from being a dentist-entrepreneur “in charge” to letting location managers lead
→ His #1 key recommendation to emerging group leaders: focus on culture and employee satisfaction first and it will trickle down to patients
→ How facing the challenge of the pandemic provided a “back to basics” opportunity to do more with less and invest in staff training
→ Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid, tailored for emerging dental groups, and more!

The Panel: How To Double Growth Through Doctor-Partner Alignment

The Problem: How do you shift doctors to a “partner-owner” mindset to scale?

The Solution: Learn from Justin Jory and Dr. Clifton Cameron how to fuel growth with strong Doctor-Partner alignment.

Justin Jory is the Founder and CEO of Lightwave Dental (48+ locations), a Dental Leadership Organization (DLO). He oversees all aspects of their operations. Justin founded Lightwave after noticing that though group dentistry was clearly the future, most dentists did not like how existing DSOs operated. Lightwave was created to offer dentists’ the larger dental group benefits without the drawbacks of traditional corporate dentistry, structuring it as a DLO. This collaborative partnership model allows practices to keep their local identity and clinical operation autonomy and provides younger dentists with a better path to ownership as well as a seamless transition for those close to retirement.

Dr. Clifton Cameron joined Lightwave Dental as Chief Dental Officer in 2019 with over a decade of experience in clinical practice and leadership training. Dr. Cameron has always believed in the power of group dentistry. Early in his career, he partnered with a large dental group and then founded CarolinasDentist to create an improved group dentistry model focused on patient experience and dentist leadership development. Once the organization had reached its peak in 2019, growing to 7 locations and over 30 doctors, Dr. Cameron joined forces with Lightwave to grow further. This partnership led to the fastest growing dental group in the Mid-Atlantic region.

What You'll Walk Away With - Who doesn’t want to double your growth? Running a 1,000+ employee DSO, and expecting to nearly DOUBLE their locations from 48 to 75+ in 2021, Justin and Dr. Cameron will share how to strengthen doctor-partner alignment for rapid growth. They’ll discuss how the “partner-owner mindset” has fueled Lightwave’s growth and more including:
→ How to vet partner doctors to ensure they are on board with your vision
→ How to shift doctors’ focus from an employee to owner mindset to create a self-managing organization
→ Highlight their “dentist development life cycle” including hiring, onboarding, partner and leadership training; as well as the “PDP” (Professional Development Plan)
→ Discuss their team engagement and team health formula: focus + motivation + teamwork = success
→ How to double employee engagement to raise your ENPS and more

The Panel: How to Diagnose Growth Opportunities in a P&L

The Problem: How do you maximize your dental organization’s options for growth?

The Solution: Ken Kaufman and Nathan Chitty will show you how to uncover hidden opportunities to increase revenue.

Ken Kaufman is the CFO of Community Dental Partners (CDP) with 90+ locations. He has been in dental finance for over 16 years. In part because of his leadership, CDP has tripled in size since he joined their team in 2016. “When Ken talks about DSO finance, you listen.” He regularly hosts episodes on financial related topics for the DSO Secrets podcast. He is a sought-after thought-leader and speaker for his expertise in DSO finance and growth.

Nathan Chitty is the CFO and Director of Business Development at Operation Dental (8+ locations). He has 43 years of financial experience in accounting, commercial banking, as a M & A specialist, as an investment capital fundraising specialist and as a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker. Nathan has participated in 14 startups in healthcare, banking, finance, and software.

What You'll Walk Away With - Join Ken and Nathan as they discuss how to uncover growth opportunities in your dental organization’s P&L. You’ll learn strategies to help you plan and meet your growth and revenue goals for 2022 including how to:
→ Maximize production per square foot of each operatory
→ Discover which line items to focus on for fast growth
→ Uncover uncover growth opportunities through critical KPIs
→ Identify 'low hanging fruit"

The Presentation: How To Double Patient Access with Mobile Dentistry
The Problem: How do you provide care to a largely ignored market, the @ 63 million people who live in dental deserts, and diversify your potential revenue?

The Solution: Learn from Dr. Kwane Watson’s passion for increasing patient access to care through mobile dentistry.

Dr. Kwane Watson is the Founder and CEO of Kare Mobile, Inc. A practicing dentist and a serial entrepreneur for the past 21 years, he founded Kare in 2018 to bring affordable, comprehensive dental services to lower-income communities and the Medicaid population through a mobile care model. Kare has become an opportunity for dentists to expand their existing practice’s serviceable radius and for young providers who wish to go into business at a lesser investment with greater ROI. By the end of 2021, Kare will be in 6 states and growing. Before founding Kare, Dr. Watson purchased his first practice a year after graduating dental school and led it to TRIPLE in revenue in less than 5 years. He’ll offer insight into how to add mobile and teledentistry models to your practice as well as what he’s learned as a dental group leader.

What You'll Walk Away With - Think outside the box about how to increase patient reach and access. Learn from Dr. Watson’s passion for different care models. He’ll discuss:
→ The huge opportunity mobile dentistry can provide to diversify potential revenue and reach the underserved: tap into the @ 63 million people that live in dental deserts, a market that goes mostly ignored
→ The benefits of adding mobile dentistry: attract highly skilled associates; offer adventurous dentists a unique way to provide patient care; less customer acquisition cost with a huge opportunity for free media marketing; and more
→ How cloud-based software and synchronous teledentistry can aid you in execution
→ How to improve access to oral healthcare for underserved people while increasing your bottom line

The Presentation: How To Maximize Opportunities in Your Practice Schedule
The Problem: Are there areas in your practice you can optimize to increase revenue?

The Solution: Learn from Dee Fischer and Dr. Tarek Aly who have decades of experience with successful DSOs.

Dee Fischer is CEO of Fischer Professional Group. She has vast experience with growing DSOs, helping doctors create systems, accountability, and passion in the workplace. She has played a key role in several successful DSOs’ by guiding the operations and HR management to scale to larger organizations. Dee helps practice owners construct state-of-the-art locations, delivering turn-key projects on time and within budget.

Dr. Tarek Aly, MBA, CVA, is COO/Co-owner, OrthoDent Management, LLC and Modern Smiles, LLC, (18 locations combined). He is specialized in pediatric dentistry and orthodontic model ownership. His expertise includes M&As, business valuation, human resource management, business operations, dental organizations management, and platform development and management of dental-support organizations.

What You'll Walk Away With - Are you doing all you can to squeeze the juice out of your current practice schedule? There are always opportunities to maximize — to turn “lemons into lemonade”. Dee will share her expertise for how to get your team on board and proactively uncovering untapped opportunities in your practice schedule so you can DOUBLE your revenue including:
→ How to roll out extended hours
→ How to fill up hygiene schedules in existing locations
→ How to immediately fill hygiene schedules in de Novos
→ How to implement same-day dentistry

The Presentation: Emerging Group Dentistry Now and Beyond: The Path To Doubling Your Dental Organization's Success

The Problem: As a leader of an emerging dental group just beginning to scale, how do you get out of the “dark tunnel” and into replicable scaling momentum?

The Solution: Learn from Jake Puhl’s experience working with 100s of successful dentist-entrepreneurs curated within The DEO’s Dental Organization Growth Model™.

Jake Puhl is currently CEO/Partner of The DEO. He started impacting the DSO industry in 2010 when he co-founded Firegang Dental Marketing, scaling it up for nearly 7 years. And since 2017, Jake has led The DEO to what it is today: an agnostic membership platform for dental organization leaders and dentist-entrepreneurs focused on scaling successfully with purpose and vision. Jake is passionate about establishing thriving dental groups and DSOs. He is a sought-after expert and has spoken at several DSO industry events including Dykema’s Definitive Conference for DSOs, the ADSO Summit, and Henry Schein’s DSO Education Forum.

What You’ll Walk Away With - Through his experience working with 100s of dentist-entrepreneurs and DSO leaders, Jake has gained a unique inside view into the group dentistry industry. Emerging dental group leaders tap him for insight on how to successfully scale. Referencing The DEO’s propriety Dental Organization Growth Model™, Jake will share:
→ An update and reflection on the trends of emerging dental groups
→ Why the path to scaling success remains the same and the keys needed to achieve tiered growth
→ How — even with recent events and future projections — to scale AND DOUBLE your success, focus on your vision, your self, your team, and then the business of your dental group — in that order

The Presentation: How To Recruit Associates Ready for Growth

The Problem: How do you recruit the right Associates to help you scale and achieve your vision?

The Solution: Learn strategies from a recruiting expert: Founder of Dentist Job Connect, Dr. Paul Goodman.

Dr. Goodman is CEO and Founder of Dentist Job Connect, the Facebook group and company Dental Nachos, and Dental Nachos Supreme, a continuing education and professional development company for dental students and practicing dentists. Dentist Job Connect, an arm of Dental Nachos, offers a platform for finding jobs, adding associates, and buying and selling practices.

What You’ll Walk Away with - Leading one of the top dental job platforms in the industry, Dr. Goodman has learned the best tactics for how to find the right associate candidates to align with your vision. He is well versed in associate talent management. Dr. Goodman will share:
→ How to find associates who believe in your growth plan
→ How to recruit associates who want to grow clinically
→ Latest trends in recruiting highly-motivated associates

The Presentation: How To Double New Patients in De Novos and Acquisitions

The Problem: What are the best marketing strategies to bring new patients into your locations as you scale?

The Solution: Learn from Alyssa Keefer: her marketing strategies helped scale a dental group from $0 to 40M in 5 years.

Alyssa Keefer is Founder and MarTech Guru with joyFULL People. She has over 10 years of extensive “hands-on” experience working through every position in a dental group, growing into executive leadership, and helping launch a dental group from $0 to 40M in 5 years. Alyssa now coaches and consults dental groups on marketing, data analytics, operations, and more. Dental groups are empowered by her expertise and guidance to differentiate themselves through game-changing marketing and technology.

What You’ll Walk Away With
Alyssa will share tactics and hacks you can use right away to increase patient flow and bring in new patients to locations as you scale including:
→ Innovative ways emerging dental groups can attract and convert new patients
→ Sophisticated methods to convert new patients on the phone to fill up your schedule
→ Best practices to market new locations, identify the lowest-hanging fruit, and where to get the most “bang for the buck” for your marketing spend

The Presentation: How To Double Accepted Treatment Across Locations

The Problem: How do you integrate specialties into your dental organization to better meet patient needs and increase treatment options?

The Solution: Learn from this DSO industry expert panel facilitated by Brian Colao.

Brian Colao is the Director of Dykema’s Dental Service Organizations Group. He has been serving the dental industry for 25 years and is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities in the United States on DSO formation, DSO business structures, DSO-related mergers and acquisitions, and the full array of regulatory compliance requirements for DSOs. Brian was named a “2019 DSO Influencer” by Group Dentistry Now.

Randa O’Connor is the Founder/CEO of Dental Medical Careers (DMC) and the Owner of Pinnacle Leadership Academy (PLA). DMC is a leading dental recruiting organization, created to help women, especially single women, in the dental industry develop their skills and self-confidence and ultimately increase their earning potential. DMC also helps dental organizations hire employees that fit their culture, decreasing costly turnover. PLA is a well-respected dental business coaching firm and has coached over 4,500 dental practices. Randa is a sought-after speaker. Her Case Acceptance system and workshops have had a game-changing impact on the industry. 


Sonya (Sophia) Zak, Ph.D., is COO, Team Integrator of Zak Dental (12 locations). She has a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She oversees all nonclinical operational support functions of Zak Dental including revenue cycle management, patient journey, marketing team building, innovation, and more. She is passionate about organically developing and nurturing Zak Dental, and utilizing her academic understanding of culture and social behavior, to optimize their Patients’ Wellness³² Journey (a.k.a. comprehensive oral health exam).

Kate Groenhagen is Vice President of Business Development at orthobrain®, an organization with a proven dental practice growth system that makes integrating orthodontics easy and profitable. In this role, Kate leads business development focused on creating a world-class team with a global reach. With experience leading teams to record-breaking sales results, while increasing profitability for doctors, Kate has a knack for driving organization and customer success. In addition to her industry track record, Groenhagen is also active in creating a support network for women leaders in orthodontics. 

Nancy Coy is the visionary, founder, and CEO of Choice Payment Services (Choice), a unique consumer lending FaaS solution. Choice is a one-stop lending platform where merchants and providers can approve up to 100% of consumers seeking to finance a treatment protocol. Nancy has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry with a focus on patient and provider finance programs. She is also the Founder of Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD).

What You'll Walk Away With
Brian Colao and a panel of industry experts (to be announced) will discuss:
→ How to seamlessly integrate specialties into your dental organization
→ Different approaches to fit your situation: specialists buying GPs; GPs buying specialists; Ortho/Pedo integration; GP/Perio Integration; etc.
→ How to use the Hub and Spoke Model to view your integration, funding and more

Many More Speakers Coming Soon


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What Does The DEO Do?

The DEO provides an agnostic, neutral community for those dentists and executives looking to fulfill their vision and grow their dental groups / DSOs (Dentist Support Organizations) in one way or another. “Growth” includes, but is not limited to: more locations, more revenue, more staff, more impact, all of the above, etc.

"We support dentist entrepreneurs and executives who see a future bigger than they can achieve alone by connecting them with the people, education, and resources they need to grow their dental groups and fulfill their vision." - Jake Puhl, CEO of The DEO

Jacob Puhl - CEO
CEO of DEO Jacob Puhl


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