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Get The Proven Formulas To Multiply The Profit/Bottom Line And EBITDA In Your Dental Group

Discover the systems and formulas that the DEO has used to help hundreds of Dental Practices, Groups, and DSOs refine every line item of their P&L and add multiples of profit to their Bottom Lines at this Live Virtual Boot Camp taking place November 10-11, 2023  

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Live Virtual Boot Camp - November 10-11, 2023

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What would an additional 20%, 50%, Or 100% Multiple on your bottom line and/or eBITDA mean for you?

Fellow Dental Group Practice Owner, Executive, Or Leader,

If you increased your profit or EBITDA multiple by 20% - 100%+, what would that mean for you?

Would it mean better peace of mind (and sleep) knowing that you have an organization that is thriving and doesn't need to cut expenses or lay off team members?

Would it mean that you can finally leave "survival mode" where your back is always against the wall and the weight of every decision matters 10-fold?

Whatever the reason, a few questions for you:

▶️ Does it feel like your margins are getting squeezed as a result of rising costs in overhead and labor?

▶️ Are you having trouble sustaining EBITDA multiples?

▶️ Do you understand what line items make up your P&L, and if so, are you struggling to actually drive results on each line item?

▶️ Do you want to own your P&L (not the other way around) and know exactly what levers to pull and when to pull them to maximize your profit and grow your bottom line by 20%-100%+ or more?

IF you answered "YES" to any of these questions, I'd like to invite you to join DEO's Bottom Line Boot Camp - and make your 2024 P&L the best it has ever been in the history of your business.


Early Bird Price: $149

What you Will Learn:

Morning - Day 1:

Owner/CEO/Executive Development

Massive growth on the P&L starts with YOU - the owner, executive, or leader. You need to understand what makes up your P&L and where your strengths and weaknesses are on that P&L.

You also need to free up your time so you can work on "big picture" stuff (as cliché as it sounds). It's true though, a business that relies on its burnt-out leaders' production to drive the bottom line is neither efficient nor scalable.

As such, in the Morning on Day 1 we're going to teach you how to navigate and diagnose issues on your P&L as well as teach you how to free up your time WITHOUT adding expenses to your P&L.  

Here is what you will learn:

How to Get Clear on the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your P&L

Session: Get Clear on the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your P&L

Challenge: You know your P&L offers valuable financial intel but it can be overwhelming to mine through and determine which numbers are best to review when making decisions.

Key takeaways: Confidently navigate and diagnose issues on your P&L and free up your time WITHOUT adding expenses to your P&L. You’ll be able to:

  • Gain clarity on how to best navigate your P&L (hint: it’s ok to be overwhelmed!)

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within your P&L

  • Find opportunities for your business where you aren’t required to spearhead

  • Discover step by step how to review your P&L and uncover issues

  • And much more!

How To Free Up Your Time without Adding Costs to P&L

Session: Free Up Your Time Without Adding Costs To Your P&L

Challenge: A business that relies on its burnt-out leaders' production to drive the bottom-line is neither efficient nor scalable. 

Key takeaways: Free up your time so you can work on "big picture" stuff and execute on the issues and opportunities you’ve discovered in the P &L. You’ll be able to

  • Find more time to work ON your business rather than in it (getting out of the chair)

  • Discover what business areas you may be able to delegate

  • Gain more time day to day and quit putting out fires

  • Free up more time to work on what you want to (both in and out of the office)

  • And much more!

Afternoon - Day 1:

Business Systems and P&L Mastery

In its simplest form, your bottom line is the difference between 2 things: Top line revenue minus Expenses/Overhead. 

So, in order to maximize your bottom line, you need to either find opportunities and explode your top line growth, or optimize and find ways to decrease your expenses/overhead, or both.

In the afternoon on Day 1 we're going to give you the front to end treatment and show you the key strategies to boost your top line, minimize and find efficiencies in your expenses/overhead, and find financial hacks to optimize every line item of your P&L.

Here is what you will learn:

Top 10 Ways to Increase Revenue At Your Location(s)

Session: Top 10 Ways To Increase Revenue at Your Location(s)

Challenge: To grow your bottom line, you need to find ways to explode your top-line growth and increase revenue WITHOUT increasing your costs. 

Key takeaways: Increase your revenue, with tactics culled from the most successful dental entrepreneurs in the country covering:

  • Opportunities in front-to-end treatment for increasing revenue

  • Key strategies to boost your top-line including efficiencies to execute them

  • Practice functions A to Z: marketing, billing, recare, case acceptance, and more

  • Tactics you can implement right away to see a measurable increase in revenue

  • And much more!

How To Build Scalable Systems That Reduce Overhead And Fixed Cost

Session:  Build Scalable Systems That Reduce Overhead and Fixed Cost

Challenge: To grow your bottom line, you’ll also need to optimize and find ways to decrease your expenses/overhead. 

Key takeaways: Systems to build that can free up time for your team including:

  • Systems for automating tasks to free up your team's time

  • Systems to reduce overhead and save costs

  • Systems cover billing, patient scheduling, meetings, etc. & how AI can help

  • Determining the next ROI initiative your team should focus its time on

Top 10 Finance Hacks To Improve Profitability

Session:  Top 10 Finance “Hacks” To Improve Profitability

Challenge: To grow your bottom line, you need to leverage every facet of your business, including finance but how do you do that without cutting crucial corners? 

Key takeaways:  Proven finance “hacks” that won’t compromise the integrity of your dental group’s financials including:

  • Intentional financial strategies for improving profitability

  • Where to look for the hidden savings and what to leave alone

  • How to use expenses, interest rates, accounting, & more to your favor

  • Finding capital to leverage new growth opportunities 

Day 2:

Team Mastery & 90-Day Action Plan

In every single dental practice, group, or DSO, team is almost always the biggest expense on the P&L.

While team is the largest line item expense, it yields the largest ROI, especially when optimized to its full potential.

As such, Day 2 will be all about drawing out the full potential of your team, and in turn, maximize impact on your P&L. We’re also going to wrap up and help you put everything you learned during Boot Camp into an action plan that you can carry forward into the office on Monday morning.

Here is what you will learn:

How To Get Your Team Leaders To Rally Behind The P&L And Drive The Bottom Line

Session: Get Your Team Leaders To Rally Behind the P&L and Drive The Bottom Line

Challenge: To increase profitability, your team needs to have a base knowledge of your P&L, its numbers, and accompanying metrics. 

Key Takeaways: Empower your team by strengthening their financial knowledge. You’ll be able to: 

  • Teach your team how to read the P&L

  • Get your team to rally behind the bottom line

  • Ensure your team understands the P&L and how it affects growth

  • Develop your team’s understanding of dental economics & following the money

  • Secure team buy-in to your vision through your P&L

How To Multiply Profit, Time, And Impact For Yourself And Your Business

Session: Multiply Profit, Time, and Impact For Yourself and Your Business

Challenge: You have a vision for the growth of your dental group … and for yourself as an entrepreneur. You want to increase your profit, have more time, and make more of an impact.

Key takeaways:  Often the vision you have for your company and for yourself are the same but sometimes not. Take the next steps to achieve your vision(s):

  • Determine what to focus on first to multiply profit, time, and impact 

  • Uncover where your biggest issues are and where to level up

  • Develop into a confident leader with time to spend how you want

  • Bolster your team to buy-in to your vision, keeping in momentum

  • Build an unshakeable, thriving, growing dental group

How To Attract And Retain A+ Talent With The Most ROI

Session: How To Attract And Retain A+ Talent With The Most ROI

Challenge: Everyone is hiring right now. How do you stand out and secure A+ talent for a productive, proactive, and engaged team?

Key Takeaways: Hiring trends and tactics to build a solid team that will support your growth goals so you can

  • Hire intentionally rather than just "filling holes"
  • Attract difficult-to-recruit positions: associates, hygienists, & dental assistants 

  • Build a “recruiting brand” to attract A-players managers and dentists

  • Craft job ads that stand out and attract talent looking for more than “just a job”

  • And much more!

2024 DEO Growth Summit FULL Agenda Unveiling

Session: 2024 DEO Growth Summit FULL Agenda Unveiling 

Challenge: You’re set with a concrete plan to grow your bottom line but how do you keep the momentum going? What about the inevitable new unexpected challenges you’ll face?

Key takeaways: Join us at the DEO Growth Summit 2024 in Kissimmee FL, June 13-15, where we’ll continue to offer strategies for maximizing your growth. In this session get complete details about what’s planned for Summit including:

  • Keynote presenters: find out the inspiring trailblazers who will rock the stage

  • Sessions announced: bold agenda and timely, challenge-solving topics

  • Speakers: discover the powerful and inspiring lineup of experts

  • Networking fun: unique connection opportunities unveiled

  • And much more!

How To Build a 90-day P&L Action Plan

Session:  Build a 90-day Dental Group P&L Action Plan To Increase Profit & Save Costs 

Challenge: Put a bow on Boot Camp’s actionable insights and pull it all together to get started. 

Key takeaways: Create an action plan to implement the strategies you gained at Boot Camp so you can hit the ground running come Monday.

  • Build a P&L action plan complete with a timeline and next steps

  • Create a communication plan to update your team and get buy-in

  • Identify revenue and profitability P & L line item goals and milestone dates

  • Determine P & L line item goals for saving costs and milestone dates

  • Schedule time for progress check-ins and to celebrate meeting your goals!

By The End Of This 2-Day Boot Camp, You’ll Have A Deep Understanding Of How To Drive REAL Growth On Your P&L and Bottom Line Without Needing To Work Longer Or Harder!

Expert Speakers 

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What Is The DEO?

The DEO, also known as The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization is a training, education, and mastermind platform that exists to generate more Profit, Time, and Impact for its members.

We are NOT a roll up or DSO, we have zero equity stake in any dental practice, group, or DSO we work with. We simply give our members the tools, training, education, resources, and connections they need to build thriving organizations that, again, generate more profit, time, and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Boot Camp For?

The DEO's Bottom Line Boot Camp is for dental practice, group, and DSO owners / executives / leaders who have businesses doing over $1m in annual revenue who want to drive more profit to their bottom line.

How Will I Be Able To Access The Boot Camp?

After purchasing, you will get subscribed to updates about this event. As we get closer to the boot camp, you will get a link to access the dashboard which will have all of the zoom links to join the session(s). 

Will The Sessions Be Recorded?

Yes; however, we will only give free replays to registrants who show up to the event live. Registrants who don't attend will be subject to an upcharge.  

Will Tickets Run Out Since It's A Virtual Event?

Yes, even though the event is virtual and not constrained by space, we are limiting the event to 300 attendees because we'll be workshopping in this boot camp. That requires a very curated experience that would be difficult to accomplish with too many people. 

Is There Any Benefit To Buying Early?

Yes, price for this event goes up often. The earlier you buy, the lower the price will be. Furthermore, we often distribute goodies and resources to registrant on an ongoing basis. The earlier you buy, the more of those goodies and resources you'll have access to. 

Is This Event The DEO Summit?

No, the DEO Summit is a different event. Our annual DEO Summit takes place in June of 2024. That is our large, pinnacle in person event that features 1000+ Dentist Entrepreneurs. You can get more info on that event here. This event is a one-time virtual boot camp taking place in the Fall of 2023. 

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