The DEO is a peer-to-peer community of growth-minded dentist entrepreneurs working toward expanding their group practices.

The Goal: Grow Your Group Practice

OurĀ goal is simple: To help you create your vision and make it a reality. To give you the resources and knowledge you need. The ultimate goal: more success. Each group is designed so that members help each other improve their dental group businesses and their lives. The Promise of participating in a DEO group is that you will become a powerful corporate leader, a more effective senior executive and an influential director of a for-profit board.

Our program is based on the following three pillars:

1: Develop Your Leadership

We help you develop leadership skills that are critical for the growth and expansion of your dental group practice.

To transform from dentist to dentist entrepreneur you will need a specific set of skills you might not have right now. It starts with your vision. Where do you see yourself, your company, and your team in the future? To implement that vision successfully we help you develop your ability to communicate, manage talent, understand emotional intelligence, manage technology, make decisions and ultimately improve your self-awareness.

Lori Noga, DEO Member

2: Formulate Your Strategy

The DEO also gives you tools to develop strategies to reach your vision. You will be exposed to strategic frameworks aimed at building scenarios for growth and will learn about a sequence of activities recommended to implement the strategy, as well as the importance of key performance measures.

You will also better understand how individual efforts and team projects can be connected to achieve the best outcome.

3: Build Your Peer-Support Community

We are a community of peer leaders fostering a safe haven of trust, respect, and confidentiality. Members have many opportunities to network with each other to solve problems, evaluate opportunities, and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues. To learn more about Members Benefits, contact us or apply.

Tanner Applegate, DEO Member

DEO members receive training, support, education, industry connections, inspiration, motivation, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Your DEO Membership Includes:

  • Your small group of like-minded dental group practice owners
  • In-person trainings: 3 in-person events with your small group
  • Monthly Peer Masterminds
  • Monthly Expert Webinars
  • Private Facebook group
  • Resource library
  • Industry network
  • Vetted vendor partners
  • One-on-one coaching as needed
  • Large support network of dentist entrepreneurs

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