The DEO supports dental entrepreneurs and executives who see a future bigger than they can achieve alone by giving them the education, resources, and connections they need to grow their dental groups and fulfill their vision.

Grow Your Practice The Smart Way with The DEO

The DEO is a training and education company with program(s) designed to teach dental entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives how to fulfill their visions and grow their dental groups from practices to businesses, and from businesses to thriving organizations. This evolution creates organizations that generate more revenue and profit, have more impact, and give more time back to the owners and leaders to spend how they’d like.

How do we do this?

DEO MAP System Graphic

The DEO grows fragile practices into vision-fulfilling, unshakable organizations through our proprietary and exclusive Operating System called DEO MAP, which is taught in our Immersion Program.

DEO MAP stands for Measure, Align, Perform. It’s the first curriculum of its kind, created specifically for dental entrepreneurs of growing dental companies.

Using the journey of successfully climbing a mountain as its metaphor, DEO MAP guides dental leaders through four phases of every dental entrepreneur’s journey. Members learn how to install the 10 foundational DEO MAP elements to build a self-managing, growing, entrepreneurial dental company.

Turn Your Fragile Dental Practice to an Unshakeable Growing Organization With DEO MAP

DEO MAP is the proven blueprint for dental practice growth. It’s the “secret sauce” that 1,000s of dental entrepreneurs’ have used… and are using right now… to grow their practices… into thriving organizations that are successfully expanding in size, whether it be locations or revenue growth.

Mastering DEO MAP promises results in the 3 following areas: Profit, Impact, and Time. More specifically, mastering and installing DEO Map will transform your company into a thriving organization that:

  • Generates more revenue and profit through accountable and goal-driven teams, tight systems, and operational efficiencies that create more cash flow and top-line revenue
  • Has happy, healthy, and fulfilled teams with seamless hiring, onboarding, and retention
  • Creates a more positive impact on team members, patients, and their communities
  • Is self-sustaining in that it operates and grows without you. So you can spend time doing what you want – whether that’s working on (not in) the business or getting more time back in your personal life.

DEO MAP is only accessible through DEO Membership in our Immersion program. As a DEO Member, you’ll get tactical step-by-step training on how to install DEO MAP into your practice. This is a no-contract, monthly membership that provides the platform and resources for members to learn and implement the operating system. Between our coaches, subject matter experts, and self-paced tools, DEO MAP is provided to members in the following ways:

  • Training webinars
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Bi-Annual, In-Person Intensive Events
  • Online DEO Portal filled with hundreds of templates, tools, recordings, and resources
  • And more

DEO MAP: The Only Operating System Created Just for Growing Dental Companies

When DEO MAP is installed into your company, you will grow your business successfully and with less frustration. DEO MAP guides dental leaders through four phases of every dental entrepreneur’s journey: Basecamp, Climb, Peaks, and Destination broken down into 10 elements – a successful operating system that drives growth.


Following is an outline of the elements that the DEO MAP teaches in our Immersion Program.



This is the compass that helps you plan where you want to go to ensure you’re charting the right course.


Strategy is where you’ll prepare all of the essentials that you need including vision, a strategy to get you there, an org chart to support it, a way to keep score, and more


Ensuring you have the correct organizational structure to support you through your dental company’s growth will get you to your destination faster.


Your scoreboard is where you keep KPIs and metrics that track the progress you are making toward your goals.



Your meetings need rules, cadence, and structure to keep a rhythm that helps you grow.


Culture is how you keep your team healthy, the morale strong, and ensure you have the right people for the journey.


You need the right dental systems to survive your growth. They will constantly need to be modified, improved, and refined, and news systems may need to be built.

Peaks & Destination


Celebration is an important element of growth: when you reach a goal, you celebrate, recognize and reward your team.


Here is where you evaluate if you still have the right people, systems, and targets in place to reach your goals.


After you reach a goal, this is where you plan for what is next on the journey: time to determine and plan for the next phase whether it’s exit planning, PE, acquisitions, or another entrepreneurial venture.

The goals of each of DEO MAP’s phases and elements are supported with in-person training; coaching calls; a collection of carefully curated tools to reach goals including Scorecards, Templates, Examples, Infographics, Roadmaps, and Checklists; and much much more.


How is DEO different from other Programs or Consultants?

DEO offers much more than consultants. Yes, we do offer expert subject matter advice as consultants do, but with DEO Membership, you’ll be taught a proven blueprint for dental practice growth, DEO MAP, through our proprietary curriculum.

Merely getting advice is not going to get you where you want to go. Advice might work for short-term solutions, but that’s more of a band-aid approach. Long-term and predictable growth happens when you and your company adopt and follow the right systems which we provide through DEO MAP. It’s the operating system built just for growing dental companies. DEO MAP has been created for and battle-tested by 100s of satisfied dentist entrepreneurs who are using it right now to successfully grow their dental practices.

Plus, getting trained to install the DEO MAP operating system into your dental practice will give you more results for a fraction of the cost of consultants. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on consultants with little follow-up and follow-through, with DEO you get tactical step-by-step training to establish the DEO MAP operating system. It promises to grow your dental group through an affordable, no-contract monthly retainer with a turn-by-turn roadmap for growth.


What is an Operating System?

Plainly put, a business operating system is the way you run your company. It’s how you do what you do, your end-all goal, and what you expect from your team so you can get there. Before DEO MAP, there were many different existing operating system models for growing businesses, but there were none that took into account the complexity and issues of a growing dental company… until DEO MAP was created.

DEO saw a need in the industry that wasn’t being met by existing operating system models. The dental industry is unique and needs a unique operating system to serve it.

DEO MAP delivers an abundance architecture that is more specific to the needs of dental entrepreneurs. With DEO MAP, you get a guide for your company’s direction and strategy. It allows you to communicate with your team by creating a common language. In our experience, without an operating system to guide you, your dental company can stagnate and growth can stall but with DEO MAP, dental leaders can change that trajectory.


What does DEO Offer?

With DEO, you can learn how to successfully grow your dental practice through:


DEO offers Membership progams that teach you step-by-step how to install the DEO MAP operating system in your company so you can successfully grow from a practice to a business to an organization. Wherever you are on your growth trajectory, DEO Membership can help you achieve your vision.

Learn more about DEO programs through a free 30-minute no-obligation call with our Growth Team. Schedule here.

DEO Growth Summit

DEO Growth Summit is a once-yearly conference for dental entrepreneurs and dental leaders looking to successfully grow their dental practice, dental group, or DSO. Considered the most powerful event in group dentistry, it brings together expert speakers, vetted vendors, and more than 1,000+ attendees to learn proven growth strategies and the latest dental industry trends to adopt.

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DEO’s Growth Secrets Facebook Group

DEO’s Growth Secrets Facebook Group is a free group with thousands of dentist entrepreneurs and group dentistry leaders seeking to grow successful dental companies. On a daily basis, group members ask questions, and get advice and input from each other to handle their biggest challenges. Plus there’s access to free dental company growth resources, expert webinar recordings, topical Facebook Lives, and sneak peek, behind-the-scenes looks at DEO membership intel and into private member events.

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We’re an organization and community of like-minded dentists who help emerging groups (and solo dentists) solve their most pressing issues in their practices.

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