DEO Partners

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Jacob Puhl

DEO Partner | CEO

Darin Acopan

DEO Partner

Eric Roman, DDS

DEO Partner

Josey Sewell, RDH

DEO Partner

Emmet Scott

DEO Partner

Ken Kaufman

DEO Partner

Programs Team

Sara Tinnick

Learning & Development Manager

Kara Funcheon

Instructional Designer

Jess Pare

Senior Curriculum Designer

Morgan Ream

Graphic Designer

Kristin Johnson

Events Manager

Cody Anderson

Equipment / AV Coordinator

Haley Evans

Venue & Hospitality Coordinator

Abbigail Hogan

Immersion Program Manager

Lex Orzalli

Immersion Community Manager

Jordyn Butcher

Immersion Community Manager

Erin Hamilton

Elite Program Manager

Lauren Stierwalt

Elite Community Manager

Tessa Martin

Implementation Program Manager

Camie Worley

DEO MAP Implementer

Tom Williams

DEO MAP Implementer

Executive Assistants

Kariel Roberts

Executive Assistant | Sales Coordinator

Marisol Bonet

Executive Assistant

Sarah Lawrence

Executive Assistant

Operations Team

Rachel Shipley

Head of Operations

Megan Di Dio Anzisi

Finance Support Specialist

Cassidy Parker Knight

Operations Coordinator

Kelly Nunn

Technology Manager

Leanne Loos

Programs Coordinator

Braden Heiner

Technology Specialist

Glenn Bergado

Technology Specialist

Marketing Team

Nick Markulis

Head of Marketing

Laura Bowles

Organic Marketing Specialist

Rhonwyn Crownover

Marketing Project Manager

Christopher Keyser

CRO Specialist

Amanda Morrell

Social Media Manager

Robby Stegman

Media Buyer

Media Team

Amy Cochran

VP of Media Sales

Hilda Gonzalez

Media Lead