“DEO is a group of aspiring dental entrepreneurs and future leaders that really have a similar mindset. They want to be better and make a difference and grow, and have an outreach that is much further than what they can do by themselves.”

— Brent Rising, Today’s Dental

We have a long tradition of helping dentist-entrepreneurs succeed.

Our Mission

The Reason We Exist

Our mission is to provide group practice owners the community, education, and resources necessary to become corporate leaders, effective senior executives, and build thriving dental groups.

Our Vision

What We See Possible

DEO will be the best learning resource community in the world: a place for dentist entrepreneurs, executives, and staff to self-actualize and become higher versions of themselves.

Our Values

The Values that Drive Our Organization.

Integrity. Honor yourself as your word. Be your word in speaking and action.

Responsibility. Hold yourself as cause in the matter. No excuses, fault or blame. Always hold yourself as the cause.

Transformation. Consistently work on being self-aware (through programs, groups, or therapy) so you can operate beyond your past, your psychology, and your personality.

High Aesthetic. To deliver excellence through our programs, courses and Summits; to strive for beauty and order.

Authenticity. Be able to fully confess and disclose what is truly occurring for you, and if not, be open to coaching.

Making a Difference. We are committed to altering the future for our clients and for the industry.

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