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We Support Dentist Entrepreneurs, Owners, Executives, and Leaders Who See A Future Bigger Than They Can Achieve Alone By Giving Them The Education, Resources, and Connections They Need To Grow Their Dental Groups And Fulfill Their Vision

What Does The DEO Do?

The DEO is a training and education company with program(s) designed to teach Dentist Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Executives how to fulfill their visions and grow their dental groups from practices to businesses, and from businesses to thriving organizations. This evolution creates companies that generate more revenue and profit, have more impact, and give more time back to the owners and leaders to spend how they’d like. 

Who Does The DEO Help?

We support vision-oriented and growth-minded Dentist Entrepreneurs, Owners, Executives, and Leaders who share the DEO’s core values (see below).

Our Values

The DEO has been able to create such a large impact in the group dentistry space because the DEO Team and the Members we serve are like-minded. This synergy creates a frictionless environment for serving our members and accelerating their growth. The core values are:

Growing – Our team and community are constantly seeking growth. We aspire to make ourselves, our teams, and our businesses better than yesterday.

Grateful – Our team and community are grateful. We focus on what we have, not on what we don’t.

Generous – Our team and community are generous. In growing ourselves, our teams, and our businesses, we are excited and willing to share what we learn along the way.

Humble – Our team and community are humble. We are willing to ask for help and are more interested in what’s right rather than being right.

The Team

Meet the rest of the DEO Team, who support and serve our members and prospective members.

How Can You Connect?

Whether you’re new here or have been around for a while, here are the following ways we recommend you connect with us:

  1. Schedule your Free Growth Accelerator Call – This is a complimentary 30-minute call that breaks down your biggest challenges or goals in your growth journey and promises to give you clarity and next steps on how to get closer to those solutions in the next 90 days.
  2. Come to our industry-famous Growth Summit. This is our annual open-to-the-public event featuring big-name speakers and highly tactical sessions straight from our DEO Growth Model Framework. This event hosts hundreds of thousands of growth-minded dentist entrepreneurs every year.
  3. Join our complimentary Facebook group. DEO’s Growth Secrets Facebook Group is a great place to connect with other folks in the community and get free tips, tricks, and resources from DEO Subject Matter Experts.

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