Learn More About Membership In The DEO

DEO Membership: 12+ Months

Program Overview

As a member you begin your journey with a 12-month-long program consisting of in-person and online events geared towards connecting you with your class peers, while exposing you to the essential elements of growing from 1 – 2 locations, to 5 locations, or to 10 or 20 locations and beyond

It’s a highly interactive program and collaborative network that helps dental entrepreneurs:

  1. Make their vision of expanding into a thriving group practice a reality.
  2. Isolate personal and professional roadblocks that are preventing them from reaching their desired outcome(s)
  3. Understand how to design/implement different strategies and tactics in a synergistic way, that perfectly fit your situation (that can grow and change as you and your practice inevitably will)

Who This Is For?

For dentists or dental entrepreneurs who:

  • Has 2 – 10 (or more) locations
  • Are at the chair less than 4 days per week and/or has a Chief of Operations that will be enrolling in the program
  • Want to connect, collaborate, and mastermind with like-minded peers to solve problems, evaluate opportunities, and work through strategic and operational issues.
  • Want a clear path for strategies, tactics, and systems to grow their group practice (whether that’s number of locations or employees)

What other dentists are saying about the DEO

“The DEO was a huge tipping point for me…I have grown as a leader and a manager. I am a different person than when I first started and I love it.”

—Brent Rising, Today’s Dental, Omaha, NE

“The DEO program provides the skills and the tools that we need to get them [our staff] to achieve that Vision, to develop the people to become who they can be. So that we can achieve our goals strategically, tactically you know, kind of the whole package.”

—Kent Underwood, Trio Orthodontics, Powell, OH

“The DEO is amazing! It helps me to ground my vision and future…I had the tactics and knew what I had to do on day-to-day basis, but I didn’t know why.”

—David Janash​, Park South Dentistry,  New York, NY