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DEO Immersion Program

Program Overview

DEO Immersion is our monthly membership program where members are given the training and resources, and ultimately the framework to fulfill their visions and grow them from practices to businesses, and from businesses to organizations. This is done by helping them install our proprietary growth framework called The DEO Growth Model into their companies.

The Growth Model contains 3 primary focus areas (You, Team, Business), that when mastered promise the following results:

    1. More Profit – You and your business will make more money and improve its EBITDA
    2. More Impact – Your business will be a hiring and retention machine with a team that is happy, healthy, and motivated.
    3. More Time – Your business will become self-sustaining and will grow without demanding all of your time and attention.

The DEO Growth Model

As mentioned above, The DEO Growth Model is the framework that we help members install into their companies to help them thrive and get more profit, impact, and time. The Growth Model focuses on mastery of the following areas:

    • Clarity
    • CEO/Executive Capabilities
    • Peer Connection
    • People Operations
    • Leader Development
    • Associate Hiring, Retention, & Development
    • Revenue Growth
    • System Optimization & Installation
    • Finance Optimization & Installation

How do we help you master The DEO Growth Model?

We help you implement the DEO Growth Model in our Immersion Program. Every member of the program goes through a tried and true 4-step process that is perfect for delivering and synthesizing the DEO Growth Model. Here is the journey:

  1. Assess – We take you through our detailed assessment that gives us an overview of your company and an accurate measure of your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Focus – Based on the results of your assessment we will determine where in the DEO Growth Model you need to focus on first between YOU, TEAM, and BUSINESS. 
  3. Deliver – Once we know where we need to focus, we’ll start carefully delivering DEO Growth Model curriculum to help you master those areas and elements. Curriculum is delivered in the following ways:
    • Training Webinars
    • Exclusive Facebook Group & Whatsapp Group
    • Portal with hundreds of tools, resources, templates, and recordings
    • 2 In-person Intensive Events
    • And More.

There is a lot of information, but based on your focus areas our community managers will help guide you to the resources you specifically need.

4. Measure – Once we deliver DEO Growth Model curriculum and once you implement it, we’ll measure the results, showing your success in real time.

This journey does not have a start and finish; rather, it’s a cycle. Once you get through the 4 stages and see results, we’ll start the process over again and help you tackle your next focus areas.

Who Is This For?

DEO Immersion is for dentist entrepreneurs, owners, executives, and leaders who:

  • Have a dental group or practice doing over $1.5m in revenue per year.
  • Share our core values: Growing, Grateful, Generous, Humble
  • Want to grow their dental companies, fulfill their visions, and have more profit, impact, and time.
  • Want the blueprint to achieve the above results, and can commit to implementing the blueprint.

What other dentists are saying about the DEO

“The DEO was a huge tipping point for me…I have grown as a leader and a manager. I am a different person than when I first started and I love it.”

—Brent Rising, Today’s Dental, Omaha, NE

“The DEO program provides the skills and the tools that we need to get them [our staff] to achieve that Vision, to develop the people to become who they can be. So that we can achieve our goals strategically, tactically you know, kind of the whole package.”

—Kent Underwood, Trio Orthodontics, Powell, OH

“The DEO is amazing! It helps me to ground my vision and future…I had the tactics and knew what I had to do on day-to-day basis, but I didn’t know why.”

—David Janash​, Park South Dentistry,  New York, NY