Single Locations - What Do You Need to Succeed?

Like Wayne Gretsky who ‘skated to where the puck was going to be,’
We recommend skating in the direction of managed group practice because that’s where the future of dentistry is headed.

—Dr. Marc Cooper, President Emeritus, DEO

From Vulnerable
“Single Practice” Dentist

A ‘single practice’ dentist is performing OK, but not great.  Life is sometimes hectic but comfortable and not preparing for the future.. These practices are victims of the adage “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

To Strong, Diversified
“Dental Enterprise”

A ‘dental enterprise” is a well oiled machine, using business systems and principles to grow at will. Dental enterprises consist of large single locations ($2.5M+), or often span to multiple locations.

Dentistry Is Changing - Are You Ready?

The Inevitable Future

The level of resistance and confrontation generated by most practicing dentists in the face of the obvious future of dental practice is intense. But change takes no sides. Change is not swayed by emotion or righteousness. The future is clearly managed group practice.

Your Plan

The majority of dentists won’t take advantage of the changes that are occurring. A few dentists will, the dentist-entrepreneurs. These are dentists who see a larger future and vision for themselves, their team, and the industry as a whole.

How can The DEO help you get there?

With our 4-part framework

Grow Yourself

We help you develop the leadership, coaching, and communication skills that are critical for the growth and expansion of your dental group practice.

If any of these sound familiar, you should immediately “course correct” because you’re actually your own roadblock to growing:

  • Your practice production drops if you’re not physically there
  • You spend more time working in the chair than on the “business side” of the practice
  • Staff/associate motivation, commitment, and production aren’t where you want them to be (and you know they’re capable of more)
  • Constant stress and worry about running the practice, it’s growth, if the right systems are in place or not, and hiring is a bit frustrating.
  • You have less fun than you use during the day-to-day

Those are aspects we help our members with on a weekly basis, and when you start the journey of continuous personal growth it allows for you to…

Grow Your People

People Decisions are your most crucial decisions

Lots of dentists and practice owners think “systems” come first. But Jim Collins, author of Built to Last and Good Great thinks otherwise:

“If you have the right people on the bus [i.e. in your practice], the problem of how to motivate and manage people largely goes away. […] The WHO question comes before WHAT decisions – before vision, before strategy, before organizational structure, before tactics. First Who, then what – as a rigorous discipline, consistently applied.”

We agree.

You can have the right systems in place but if the wrong people are executing them, you’ve only delayed the inevitable fire you’ll have to spend time putting out.

Why not build your practice with the right people who will put out fires before you even know they exist?

When you have the right people, they allow you to…

Grow Your Business

Our highly-interactive programs and collaborative network will show you:

  • Strategic frameworks aimed at building scenarios for growth and how to design, sequence, and implement them in a synergistic way to perfectly fit your situation.
  • The types and importance of, key performance measures at your different stages of growth
  • How to make your practice’s vision a reality.
  • How to isolate personal and professional roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your desired outcome(s)

Growing yourself, your people, and your business is made easier when you…

Grow Your Support Network

Get the right information (and principles) you need to grow you, your people, and your practice not just more information.

More information isn’t the answer.

“If [more] information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”
—Derek Sivers, Founder, CD Baby

So what is? We believe it’s…

The RIGHT information + feedback from like-minded peers and experts who’ve already solved the current problems you have and can help you get past them easier.

You’ll Be In A Thriving Network Of Growth-minded Dentists And Connect With Those Who’ve “Been There”

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with a network of peers with a wide variety of shared experience. This diverse group of dentist-entrepreneurs is there to support you through the different challenges that every group practice goes through.

Want less chaos, less frustration, and more time out of the chair? Then stop reinventing the wheel and see what’s worked for your peers and how you can implement it for yourself.

A network of friends and acquaintances you can mastermind with when stuck—is priceless.

Consistent Motivation And Inspiration

Something powerful happens when you are exposed to people who are accomplishing big things. You see what’s possible, and come away from meetings and interactions with a renewed feeling of drive and fire.

When you surround yourself with dentists who are excited, passionate, and energetic about the challenges they face, you can’t help but feel the same way — the energy and passion is definitely contagious.

Less Chair Time, More Time to Work “On The Business”

Working on your group practice means planning your business’s future, rather than putting out fires in your day to day operations.

It gives you the opportunity to make crucial decisions that affect your direction, culture, and shape of your business. The right preparation will give you the opportunity to craft your future exactly the way you want it.

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