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The Challenges of Being a Dentist Entrepreneur Practice Owner/Executive

Probably not something you’ve given a lot of thought to, since you live and breathe it on a day-to-day basis, but what exactly is a dental practice?

A dental practice is a company that brings in $1.5m-$5m per year in annual revenue and is often 1 location but maybe more, which is dependent on you, the dentist entrepreneur for both revenue and leadership. Quite simply, without you, the practice isn’t open – there’s no revenue coming in and there’s nobody leading the charge.

It’s hard to grow when you’re responsible for everything. You’re in the chair every week if not every day. You’re trying to manage your staff (and perhaps associates). You’re spearheading the systems and KPIs you have in place – if you have any. You’re dealing with finances – keeping track of daily revenue, perhaps trying to find cash for growth, etc., etc.

So how do you take that next step in growth, how do you successfully grow your dental practice into a business?

At this stage, your biggest needle-mover will likely be creating more time for yourself to work on the business, not in it. AKA, you need to get your business to the point where it won’t collapse if you’re not there supporting it 24/7.

You need time to lead, determine your vision, put systems and quality control measures in place, etc. Whether your vision for growth is to increase revenue, grow in locations, or both, you need a step-by-step plan for how to create more time so you can lead your growth from a practice to a business. You need a blueprint for how to move from working mostly IN your practice to ON its growth.

To achieve this you need a system to run your company that provides consistency, structure, team alignment, etc. and that is repeatable, sustainable, and easily implementable as you scale. The DEO Growth Model is the proven roadmap for gaining more profit, time, and impact. It’s the first of its kind, created specifically for dental entrepreneurs of growing dental companies.

To learn how DEO can help you, plus get concrete solutions to handle your most immediate issues with a 90-day plan of action and renewed clarity and direction for your business, get on a call with our Growth Team.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll get at least one tactical implementable strategy for handling your current challenges whether it’s associates/staffing, handling inflation, streamlining operations, increasing profitability, getting out of the chair, and more. Plus you’ll learn how the DEO can help you achieve your growth vision.

Schedule a call now to find out how to grow your dental company successfully and with less frustration!