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The Challenges of Being a Dentist Entrepreneur Business Owner/Executive

As the dentist entrepreneur/owner of a multi-location dental group, you have a bonafide business that brings in $5m-$10m per year in annual revenue, and ,more importantly, is no longer dependent on you for revenue. You might still generate some revenue inside of a business but it doesn’t necessarily count on you for that – it’s icing on the cake.

To run, your business still NEEDS you… you are responsible for the growth of the company… you are leading the vision forward. You are still involved in the hiring, retention, and training of staff/associates… and you are trying to set up systems/quality control measures in place so you don’t have to be. You may have some acquisitions and/or de Novos under your belt but still don’t have a concrete strategy for growth.

It’s daunting but you want more and are ready and eager for that next step in growth… to take your business to a full-fledged dental organization.

So how do you take that next step in growth, how do you successfully grow your dental business into an organization?

For your company to really run on auto-pilot, generate revenue, and continue to grow without you needing to be there at every turn, you need to hire and develop high-quality leaders who can oversee large areas of your business. The right executive team can make decisions independent of you to achieve your vision.

To achieve this you need a system to run your company that provides consistency, structure, team alignment, etc. and that is repeatable, sustainable, and easily implementable as you scale. The DEO Growth Model is the proven roadmap for gaining more profit, time, and impact. It’s the first of its kind, created specifically for dental entrepreneurs of growing dental companies.

To learn how DEO can help you, plus get concrete solutions to handle your most immediate issues with a 90-day plan of action and renewed clarity and direction for your business, get on a call with our Growth Team.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll get at least one connection and strategy to help you handle your current challenges whether it’s hiring systems, finding funding, streamlining operations, increasing profitability, weighing acquisitions vs. de Novos, and more. Plus you’ll learn how the DEO can help you achieve your growth vision.

Schedule a call now to find out how to take your dental company to the next growth level of success with less stress!