Long Term Content Writer For Dentist Entrepreneur Organization


  • Position is project based.
  • Deliverables each month that will typically be 2,000 to 10,000 words
  • Pay is hourly $20-$30/hr
  • Work from home – no office
  • Long-term engagement (Part-Time hours)
  • Location independent – can work from anywhere
  • Must be US based
  • Experience needed in content writing and amplification
  • Track record of being able to turn around projects quickly while still producing high quality work

Do You Have Content Writing Experience? Can You Produce High Quality Content Quickly?

We Want To Hear From You!


Dentist Entrepreneur Organization is hiring content writer for our business website (www.deodentalgroup.com). This position will play a massive role in helping our company’s mission to be the #1 resource in the dental industry for small group dental practices

The Content Writer will be responsible for creating content in all aspects, such as:

  • Email sequences
  • Weekly updates to clients
  • Event descriptions
  • Facebook updates
  • Write trainings / slides
  • Write bios
  • Summarize videos into written blog posts

This position is part-time/project based but we are looking to establish a long-term and consistent relationship.  In this position, you can work from anywhere!

Success Metrics:

  • Quality of content
  • Emails collected from the blog using lead magnets (case studies & insider’s guides)
  • Increasing Social Media Visits
  • Increasing Social Media Likes/Follows

Role Competencies:

  • High communication with team with quick response times (company wide expectation to not let anything sit for more than 24 hours. Someone is waiting on you!)
  • Commitment and respect of project deadlines
  • Willingness to learn an unique industry, research competitors, etc.
  • Systems Mindset – Creating an content marketing strategy that can easily be performed by future/current content writing team members.

Experience Needed:

  • Expert knowledge of writing engaging valuable copy for a niche audience
  • BONUS: Basic WordPress Skills Preferred
  • BONUS: Some Design Skills would be nice to have (Photoshop, Indesign)
  • Navigational Ability:
    • Google Docs
    • Slack
    • Dropbox
    • Basecamp
    • Skype/Google Hangouts


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This is the Opposite of a “Traditional Job”

The position is location independent and working with a fast growing, progressive team in a challenging and fun work environment. You’ll be given big amounts of job responsibilities and the chance to make a real impact on a small and growing company. This is not your average cubicle job!

Who Is “DEO – Dentist Entrepreneur Organization”?

DEO is a group of aspiring dental entrepreneurs and future leaders that really have a similar mindset. They want to be better and make a difference and grow and have an outreach that is much further than what they can do by themselves.”

Our mission is to provide group practice owners the community, education and resources necessary to enhance their ability to become a corporate leader, an effective senior executive and build a thriving Dental Group.


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Other (Pretty Stellar) Perks

  • Access to cutting edge digital marketing strategies and tactics
  • Work directly under successful entrepreneurs and learn what makes a successful small business tick.
  • Learn dozens, if not hundreds of the latest digital tools and tricks the best businesses are using
  • Constant, continual learning which will challenge you intellectually at all times.
  • A fast paced, progressive work situation.
  • Results oriented daily job. Your job will matter to the company’s bottom line
  • Full control over your work day
  • No micromanaging or office politics
  • Laid back work teammates

How Do I Apply?

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Bonus… How to Stand Out!

A quick bonus (everyone loves a bonus!). Here are a few things we love

  • “Workhorses”
  • Positive attitudes, self help
  • Get ‘er done attitudes
  • People who teach themselves
  • People who love to learn and research
  • People who are curious and google things
  • People who are passionate
  • People who go above and beyond
  • People who have integrity
  • People who are honest
  • People who are dedicated.

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