Apprenticeship Opportunity: Learn Cutting Edge Digital Marketing and Get Mentored by Experienced CEO

Dentist Entrepreneur Organization is excited to be hiring an apprentice position which will lead the creation and launch of our digital products. This course will be produced by DEO and launched to the dental market.  

The position will be the primary driver of the project and will have significant responsibility in planning, strategy and execution of the product launch.  This position will play a massive role in helping our company’s mission to be the #1 resource in the dental industry for small group dental practices. The apprentice will be given expert level training and work closely with Dentist Entrepreneur Organization’s CEO!


  • Part time position 15-30 hours per week, including significant self training and research
  • Work from home – no office
  • Location independent – can work from anywhere
  • Must work during US time zone hours (Can live or work from anywhere North America)
  • 8 month engagement with opportunity for full time position
  • Would need to be your main focus as opposed to one of many side projects
  • Monthly Pay $2,000 – $5,000 depending on experience

Do You Have A Passion For Digital Marketing And Marketing Funnels?

This is a special position and unique opportunity for the type of person that loves digital marketing, learning from experienced people in the industry and a real thirst for personal and professional growth.

In this position, you can work from anywhere!

What Is An Apprenticeship?

On top of what Google says, an apprenticeship is an amazing way to get real world experience while cutting your learning time drastically. The experience you gain in an apprenticeship is usually unattainable in any other way. Learn more here, here and here.

As a Digital Marketing Apprentice You Will Be Doing the Following:

  • Drive all marketing results such as TRAFFIC, CONVERSIONS and SALES
  • Manage all softwares including WordPress, Infusionsoft, Samcart, Clickfunnels, Mouseflow, Leadpages, Optimizepress, and many more
  • Manage the creation of the digital products and public launch from beginning to end
  • Hire and manage various contractors such as video editors, infusionsoft developers, wordpress developers
  • Heavy emphasis on product management and ensure project is on task and completed on time.
  • Manage weekly meetings, to dos, and follow ups
  • Schedule out timeline of project and ensure execution
  • Work closely with DEO’s internal marketing to on launch strategy
  • Set up funnel in wordpress, infusionsoft, and optimizepress
  • Research competitors and aggregate best practices and recommendations

Watch the CEO Explain More Details About the Position:

Benefits of the Apprenticeship:

  • Extensive and advanced experience with nearly every aspect of digital marketing
  • Hands on experience with digital marketing strategies – see what really works
  • Learn entrepreneurial skills and what it takes to create a business
  • Access to vast array of cutting edge, often expensive marketing tools
  • Access to high level, often expensive digital marketing trainings
  • Utilize DEO’s array or resources contacts, networking opportunities
  • Direct mentorship from CEO of large dental resource agency
  • Work from home or travel
  • Potential full time opportunities in the future

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn and even become an expert in A/B testing, landing page optimization, email marketing, joint venture marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, advanced Google Analytics reporting, online sales funnels, shopping cart optimization, infusionsoft, persuasive sales copy
  • Business lessons and experience working directly under CEO of a large dental resource agency with daily interaction, training, and mentorship
  • Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. We will be following this exactly. This is a remarkably effective (important) marketing strategy for which we will provide you full training, including unlimited access to Jeff Walker’s $3,000 course. You will have the opportunity to learn this system inside and out.
  • Video production ranging from hiring video editor to managing the entire production process
  • Full training and access to cutting edge marketing tools such as leadpages, clickfunnels, mouseflow, infusionsoft, heatmaps, a/b testing software, optimizepress
  • Persuasive sales copywriting

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This is the Opposite of a “Traditional Job”

The position is location independent and working with a fast growing, progressive team in a challenging and fun work environment. You’ll be given big amounts of job responsibilities and the chance to make a real impact on a small and growing company. This is not your average cubicle job!

Who Is “DEO – Dentist Entrepreneur Organization”?

DEO is a group of aspiring dental entrepreneurs and future leaders that really have a similar mindset. They want to be better and make a difference and grow and have an outreach that is much further than what they can do by themselves.”

Our mission is to provide group practice owners the community, education and resources necessary to enhance their ability to become a corporate leader, an effective senior executive and build a thriving Dental Group.

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Other (Pretty Stellar) Perks.

  • Access to cutting edge digital marketing strategies and tactics
  • Work directly under successful entrepreneurs and learn what makes a successful small business tick.
  • Learn dozens, if not hundreds of the latest digital tools and tricks the best businesses are using
  • Constant, continual learning which will challenge you intellectually at all times.
  • A fast paced, progressive work situation.
  • Results oriented daily job. Your job will matter to the company’s bottom line
  • Full control over your work day
  • No micromanaging or office politics
  • Laid back work teammates

How Do I Apply?

Fill out this application to officially apply.

Bonus… How to Stand Out

A quick bonus (everyone loves a bonus!). Here are a few things we love

  • “Workhorses”
  • Positive attitudes, self help
  • Get ‘er done attitudes
  • People who teach themselves
  • People who love to learn and research
  • People who are curious and google things
  • People who are passionate
  • People who go above and beyond
  • People who have integrity
  • People who are honest
  • People who are dedicated.

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