Introducing the DEO Faculty Consultants

In order to amplify and diversify resources for our members, The DEO is proud to have these industry-leading experts as Faculty Consultants. These diverse Faculty Consultants are dedicated to providing exceptional service to DSOs/group practice owners. These inspiring men and women are eager to add tremendous value to your operation!

Dee Fischer - Dental Entrepreneur Organization Summit
Dee Fischer - Fischers Group

Dee Fischer

CEO, Fischer Professional Group

Dee is CEO of Fischer Professional Group and helps group practice owners construct state-of-the-art new locations, providing a seamless and fun experience while delivering a remarkable turn-key project on time and within budget.

Dee Fischer has decades of experience growing DSOs helping doctors create systems, accountability, and passion in the workplace. She has been an integral part of several DSOs’ exponential growth, guiding the operations and HR management to scale to larger organizations.

Dr. Richard Evangelista - Dentalforce

Dr. Richard Evangelista

CEO and Founder Dentalforce

Dr. Evangelista is CEO and founder of Dentalforce, a leading dental management and growth consulting company focused on dental management education and coaching firm built by a dentist for dentists Established in 2013, Dentalforce and its strategic partners support practices around the world with essential support services and personal coaching.

As the leader of Dentalforce Dr. Evangelista is uniquely qualified to educate group practice owners, having grown his own practice from five locations and 30 employees to over 40 locations and 400-plus employees in just five years. Most importantly, he accomplished this unprecedented rate of growth with no PE or VC money—only traditional bank funding.

Margaret McGuckin - I3 Ignite

Margaret McGuckin

Co-founder and Principal, i3 Ignite

Margaret is principal and co-founder of I3 Ignite and is an expert in growth- whether it’s turning around a situation to get back on the growth track or scaling quickly. Her passion is getting results in a way that’s sustainable, which she’s done successfully as a C-level executive in both Fortune 100 companies and startups. She loves to share insight and actionable approaches. While many consultants work on one function or problem at a time, Margaret’s experience suggests that to make significant progress you need to focus on intersections that are causing roadblocks e.g. people and metrics.

Previously she led the exponential growth at a national MSO startup, ClearChoice Dental Implant Center, responsible for generating revenue of $135M/year of the direct-to-consumer health care delivery company. Margaret has a robust background in structuring pilots to accelerate speed of implementation.

Kathy Lynn-Cullotta - I3 Ignite

Kathy Lynn-Cullotta

Principal and Co-founder, i3 Ignite

Kathy is principal and co-founder of I3 Ignite. In this role, she is pursuing her passion to support implementation of healthcare innovation to large and small companies that have a plan to grow. Kathy advises early growth stage organizations about how to structure sales and customer support capabilities in a flexible way which permits future growth. For mid-size companies, she often focuses on bringing the tools to rapidly expand coverage and sales capabilities that can get them to the next level. For corporate growth challenges, she develops and recommends go-to-market strategies and implementation techniques.

For 25 years, she has helped B2B companies develop sales and distribution channels for new products/services, especially in markets being transformed by new technology. For example, she worked closely with leadership teams responsible for digital media growth and integration with the core business at Dex, AT&T, Sensis and Yellow as they piloted new services.

Jeromy R. Dixson - The DSO Project

Dr. Jeromy Dixson

Founder and CEO, The DSO Project

Dr. Dixson serves as CEO of The DSO Project where he is responsible for the overall strategy, design and implementation of consulting services, and provides overall guidance for clients. Additionally, Dr. Dixson is CEO of DSO Project Advising, a healthcare-focused M&A Advisory Firm where he advises institutional investors and DSOs. He also works as a trusted advisor on PE-backed DSO boards and dental-focused advisory boards.

Dr. Dixson is a three-time INC Magazine 500/5000 awarded entrepreneur, Former CEO Member-Board of Directors of The Association of Dental Support Organizations (The ADSO), the Founder/Former CEO of Smiles Services LLC and Founder/Former President of Smiles Dental Group PC. In 2019, Dr Dixson was named to Group Dentistry Now’s Inaugural ‘DSO Influencers to Watch’ List.