A 12 month immersive experience of live events, online events, and collaboration to connect you to what you need to grow from 1 – 2 locations, to 5 locations to 10 locations and beyond.

What You'll Learn

You’ll Discover These Essential Elements to Your Growth…

Growing Yourself:

  • Expanding Your Leadership Ability
  • Coaching Others Max Potential
  • Adopting the Mindset of A Winning Executive Leader
  • Effectively Communication Tough Conversations
  • Expanding Your Self Awareness and Blind Spots
  • And A lot more…

Growing Your Business:

  • Practice Acquisition and De Novo’s
  • Associate Retention and Management
  • How to Form and Optimize a Legal DSO
  • Essential KPI’s for Expanding Group Practices
  • Essential Systems and Processes
  • Recommended Vendors and Software

Class Start Dates

Spring Class

April 4-6:  4 Spots Remaining

Fall Class

August 22-24: Currently Taking Applications

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Learn With Peers About The Critical Decisions Every Dental Group Must Address...

You’ll gain exposure to the essential questions every growing group must address to help you gain clarity and direction to discover which path is best for YOU…

  • Why and how do you form a “DSO”
  • What softwares are the best dental groups using?
  • How and when do you hire your ‘executives’ to help multiply yourself?


What You'll Experience

Upon Registering, You Will Begin With A 12 Month “Growth Immersion” Program…

Using the “community based” approach, each month you will walk through the critical elements of your dental group and how to grow.


You’ll Be Introduced to Your Like Minded Community...

As a DEO Member, you’ll get connected with some of the best and brightest minds in group dentistry.

First, you’ll be introduced to your ‘small group’ of like minded dental peers.

Over the next 12 months, you’ll be connected to the experts, thought leaders, readings, concepts, and ideas that are necessary for any dental group to grow and succeed.

You'll Connect With Peers, Mentors, and Resources Over 12 Months...

Pre Kickoff Event:   Upon registration, you’ll begin being introduced to content and ideas to get you ‘jumpstarted’ on your journey. You’ll get introduced to peers, reading materials, and online exercises to prepare you for your kickoff event.

Month 1: Kickoff event where you’ll meet dozens of like minded dentists and dentist executives, all who desire to build group practices like yourself. You’ll walk through homework and exercises to begin ‘growing yourself’ into the effective executive leader needed to grow your group.

Month 2-5: You will meeting regularly with your dentist entrepreneur and executive peers.

Month 6: Live event diving deeper into the essential elements to grow

Month 7 – 12: Virtual events to solidify the information you receive in the live events

Month 12+ After the first 12 months, you will have completed the DEO Immersive experience. Congratulations! You now have the opportunity to progress to the DEO “Elite” membership


You’ll Be Given Access To An Online Library…

It’s our online resource hub for our members that you can access 24/7. Waiting for you inside are the latest updates, recordings from past Webinars with experts on a particular topic, past Summit recordings, and you can register for upcoming member-only events. Think of this as your personal Google for all things dental entrepreneurship and growing.


Why Join The DEO

Transformational "Community Based" Approach to Growing Your Group or DSO

Using the “community based” approach, each month you will walk through the critical elements of your dental group and how to grow. This one of a kind experience will help you:

  • Gain access to those who have ‘been there, done that’
  • Save time and money by not reinventing the wheel
  • Leverage collective intelligence, peer learning and collaboration
  • Grow through connecting the right people and idea
  • Motivate by being around inspiring like minded people
  • Gain confidence by realizing where you’re at on your journey
  • Meet connections and friends for life
  • Leverage your time through online learning

Money Back Guarantee

DEO has a ‘money back’ guarantee after the first live event, where you’ll be given the chance to ‘love it or leave it”.

You win either way.

You’ll like it and stay among the top growth-minded dentists and dental entrepreneurs or you don’t and we give you the option of leaving.

Full Member Benefits Include:

  • Your small group of like-minded dental group practice owners
  • Industry network
  • Monthly Peer Masterminds
  • Monthly Expert Webinars
  • Private Facebook group
  • In-person trainings: 2 in-person events with your small group
  • Resource library
  • Vetted vendor partners
  • One-on-one coaching as needed
  • Large support network of dentist entrepreneurs


What Is My Time Commitment

In order to get the maximum experience, DEO Members are expected to be committed and engaged to their peers.  Each month you will be expected to dedicate 2-4 hours total to engaging with your peers and the membership content. This includes various online group calls, peer “mastermind” calls, and select exercises and homework to follow.

Also, you will be encouraged to attend a minimum of 2 events in your first year with optional bonus events at your discretion.


How Long Is My Initial Agreement?

As a DEO Member we do ask an initial 12 month written commitment from you.  After 12 months, you have the option to continue the program and move onto the next steps or not.  We believe real transformation, real peer community, and real results begin with a committed group of like-mind individuals, and those real results do not happen overnight  True personal and professional growth takes time and there are no quick fix shortcuts.


What If I Can’t Attend A Live Event?

Though attending your first year events is highly encouraged, you will be given the opportunity for to catch up by watching videos and committing to additional exercises. Additionally, you will have the chance to attend the next DEO class’s event to catch up.


What Happens After 12 Months?

After 12 months you will have be given the option to ‘graduate’ into the larger group with other experienced DEO members to continue your journey collaborating and developing yourself, your team, and your business.


Other Questions?

Click the button to schedule a call with our team to get any additional questions answered or get pointed in the right direction, based on your individual circumstance.