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Take It From Dental Entrepreneurs Like You

Here are just a few testimonials that we’ve received from other dentists just like yourself:

Dr. Andrew Matta DDSChief Medical Officer, North American Dental Group

Marc Cooper has been integral in helping our organization form its foundation. There are three co-founders that started Refresh Dental Management. From its origination, Dr. Cooper helped with developing our foundation of how we would work in partnership together. He guided us as we created the core values and clarity to the vision and mission we established. From that foundation and his experience in the dental industry and beyond, Dr. Cooper has coached us on structuring a governance environment through a board and committees that operate in alignment with the company’s overall vision. He has a perspective that is truly unique and sees where the industry is shifting. If you are growing your group, Dr. Marc Cooper can help bring a level of formality that will add leverage and value to your organization.

Dr. Steve ReitanAZ Perio, AZ Perio -

I have worked with Dr. Marc Cooper since the early 1990’s as a sole practitioner. Nearly 14 years later, I bought an additional practice and brought in an associate. At that time, Dr. Cooper became our consultant and coach in building and sustaining a managed group practice. During this time, we have grown from two practices in two locations to six Board Certified Periodontist providers in five locations. With the coaching from Dr. Cooper, we were able to develop a structure that has proven sustainable with year to year revenue growth and only a slight downturn during the economic crisis of 2008/2009. We should see an 18% increase in organic growth in FYE 2013 with a growing EBITA driven by marketing and economy of scale expense savings. We may have been able to do this alone, but without Dr. Cooper the outcomes would not have been as robust or predictable.

R CorbridgeDMD, MSD, Orthodontic Partners

I have worked with Marc for the past 20 years. Most recently Marc has helped take us from a two doctor three location orthodontic practice to a 13 doctor, 10 location orthodontic/pediatric operation in a Managed Group Practice model. Dr. Cooper has the knowledge, the skill and equally important the experience and commitment, to move an entrepreneurial dentist to become a corporate leader and an executive manager. He is tough, demanding and rigorous, but he produces the result. If you are serious about generating a managed group practice, he can get your there. Brent

Dr. NamePractice Name

I speak with Dr. Cooper at least once a month. I feel at this time that I should not make a major decision in practice building without his direction in owning and operating my nine location orthodontic enterprise in Southern California. I don’t use the word ‘advice’ since his thoughts go way beyond what one would consider advice. He cuts to the deep underlying motivation and purpose I envision for my future. When I am off the mark, he clearly points me in the right direction. A significant bonus is that he is well connected in the dental and business field. From Marc I have developed relations that I anticipate will be forever profitable for me and my loved ones. I have seen respect given him from some of the most influential in the dental business. Without hesitation I highly recommend Dr. Cooper for your consideration.

Dr. Richard CEvangelista, Designing Smiles at Mission Hills

In the past few years my company has grown to a 10+ location, multi-group practice. Our company then hit a wall, and we had many problems and setbacks. I knew we needed help to get over the hump and find someone who would be a mentor to us. We were referred to Dr. Marc Cooper by Henry Schein and have worked with him for the past year. He helped our company by mapping out the steps we needed to take to get to the next level and coached me and my senior staff to get these things done. If you are an entrepreneurial dentist and looking to build a multi practice organization, I would call The Mastery Company and work with Dr. Cooper. He has the expertise and experience to guide you in to success and lead you in the right direction.

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