How-To Principles and Foundations for Growing Yourself, Your People, and Your Single Practice to Many Locations

Program Details

What You Get & What You'll Learn:

4 Online, Self-Paced Modules:
By the end, you’ll know (and develop) what processes and people you need, to grow your practice with less frustration – by implementing the lessons, homework, and resources from 4 modules.

Doing the homework (to be completed before each group coaching call) will help you retain what you learn, and you can implement a lot of it right away to see positive changes in your people, processes, and practice. (don’t worry, we’re not bombarding you, it’s very simple but powerful)

4 LIVE highly interactive group coaching calls in private, personal groups of 5-9 like-minded peers – This is your time to discuss successes and challenges you have when implementing the practical advice from the other portions of the program. You also get even more pragmatic feedback from your peers live during the call.

So bring your questions, problems, concerns, and solve them with the group’s help and ours.


Who This Is For?

For any dentist or dental entrepreneur who:

  • Have 1-2 locations and make less than $1m in revenue per practice (and wants to make at least that per location)
  • Who are in the chair 4 or more days per week (and wants to be able to cut down or choose their chairside hours)
  • Wants to grow their number of locations and revenue while building their people and processes to allow them to choose how often they want to be chairside (if at all)
  • Are willing to roll up their sleeves and put in the work necessary to change (no matter how uncomfortable)


Module 1: Growing Yourself As a Leader

You’ll Learn:

  • Essential Principles For Discovering Your Practice’s Growth Opportunities, Best Organizational Structure, and Performance
  • Keys to success
  • Organizational structures and how to structure yours for even more success
  • Questions you should be asking about your team and business
  • The DEO’s paradoxical philosophy on how to grow (and a perspective shift that’ll make your hiring easier)
  • Exit strategies


Week 1 – Video Training (1-2 hours)

Week 2 – Mastermind + Coaching Call  (1 hour)

Module 2: Building Your Leadership Team

You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should build your leadership team before anything else
  • Why you need to make the shift from genius to “genius maker”
  • How to decide your role in your “dental organization” (Being the CEO, CDO, or what?)
  • How to identify and hire leaders and avoid pitfalls
  • Level them up: why and how to strengthen your team (this eliminates a big chunk of communication issues and drama)


Week 3 – Video Training (1-2 hours)

Week 4 – Mastermind + Coaching Call (1 hour)

Module 3: Working On The Right Things

You’ll Learn:

  • How to Deciding Priorities and Strategic Direction 
  • Priority pitfalls and why Peter Drucker was slightly wrong (i.e. why the DEO thinks execution eats culture for lunch)
  • Systems for prioritization: how to use them to put out fires (and prevent new ones)
  • The importance of getting the right people on the bus, in the right seats, doing the right things
  • How to know if you (and your team) have chosen the right things to work on
  • Choosing the right growth levers that your practice needs now (and in the future)


Week 5 – Video Training (1-2 Hours)

Week 6 – Mastermind + Coaching Call (1 Hour)

Module 4: Growing Top Line Revenue

You’ll Learn:

  • Top line pitfalls to avoid and our answer to “How am I going to grow?”
  • How and why to grow profitably (and examples of marketing strategies to do so)
  • 11+ examples of growth strategies for you to consider
  • Acquisitions vs DeNovo
  • “Top line” growth strategies and how to transform your practice by using them


Week 7 – Video Training (1-2 Hours)

Week 8 -Mastermind + Group Coaching Call

Plus bonus content, tools, and materials

2019 Class Start Dates

January – June Classes:

  • Jan 28 (Sold Out)
  • Mar 04 (Sold Out)
  • Apr 09 (3 spots left)
  • May 15 (7 spots left)
  • Jun 20 (8 spots left)

July – December Classes

  • Jul 26 (8 spots left)
  • Aug 31 (8 spots left)
  • Oct 06 (8 spots left)
  • Nov 11 (8 spots left)
  • Dec 17 (8 spots left)
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What Participants Say

Dentists and dental executives consistently tell us:

  • “Basically I want to know how to aggressively but smartly expand my two practices into a multi-group DSO”
  • “We have lack of adequate systems for two offices much less expansion”
  • “What’s the best way to finance the expansion”
  • “How do you hire good staff and keep them around for a long time?”

Sometimes, they even give us deeper insights:

“I struggle with the clinical practice of dentistry. I feel I am pretty good at it, and my patients seem to really like me, but I do not enjoy being a dentist. I do, however, enjoy running a business and feel I have a bit of an acumen for it. Because of this, I enjoy working with associates and building systems to get offices to where they need to be.”

If ANY of that sounds familiar, and you want to grow your practice from 1 or 2 to many practices, consider applying today.



What's the time commitment?

About 2-4 hours per week: 1 hour per Module and about 1 hour for Homework. Then 1 hour for the group coaching calls. But remember, the more you “work” the program, the more the program will work for you.


What can I do if I miss the live group coaching calls?

All of the virtual live sessions and calls will be recorded and made available to you. You’ll receive an email notification before and after each one. If you travel or are busy often, you can dial in (these details are provided for every virtual event). In fact, you can join from any computer, tablet, or phone.