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#1 Tip for Leaders of Emerging Dental Groups

Jacob Puhl - CEO

Jacob Puhl CEO/Partner of The DEO

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism. Amol leads a company at the forefront of technology in the DSO industry, helping dental groups teach their teams how to convert more callers into booked appointments.

So, naturally, we talked about the impact of technology on the future of the group dentistry industry plus tips that emerging groups can adopt right away to position themselves for future success.

Learn more about Patient Prism here.

Technology, hiring systems, patient expectations… and more

In our time together, we discussed:

  • How to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing dental groups: hiring and retaining excellent talent
  • How one group grew by 20% during the pandemic and attributes its success to its strong commitment to communication and culture
  • How people’s buying habits during the pandemic – from Amazon to Uber Eats to Instacart – could have a profound impact on customer service expectations for every industry including dentistry
  • The technology evolution that is poised to begin
  • The communication hack
  • Where the DSO industry is going in the next 10 years
  • #1 tip for the leaders of emerging DSOs

To hear all this and more, watch my discussion with Amol here.

Keep an abundance mindset: surround yourself with growth-minded entrepreneurs

Growing a business is challenging under the best of circumstances. It’s even harder when there’s a global pandemic. But as Amol and I discussed, dental groups with leaders who have an abundance mindset, are finding opportunities amidst the challenges. Leaders who surround themselves with a growth-minded entrepreneurial community of peers are innovating, coming out stronger, and making bold plans for the future.

Having worked with hundreds of dentist-entrepreneurs, pandemic or not, we’ve realized that entrepreneurs of emerging groups are seeking clarity most of all. In The DEO, we examine how to clarify your vision, prioritization, communication, managing talent across an organization, and more.

Amol and I noted that meeting other leaders who have already done exactly what you’re trying to do can help you shatter the mental blocks that are holding you back. Learn more about how The DEO can help you achieve your vision here.


– Jake