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Access Exclusive DSO Growth Expert Workshop with Emmet Scott

By January 11, 2022DEO
Jacob Puhl - CEO

Jacob Puhl CEO/Partner of The DEO

Secret ∙ \ ˈsē-krət \ ∙ noun: something taken to be a specific or key to the desired end; something shared only confidentially with a few.

We have an exclusive opportunity just for you to connect with DSO “growth whisperer” Emmet Scott! Through January 31, when you register for the DEO Growth Summit 2022, June 9-11,  you’ll get a spot at his February 10th DSO Growth Expert Workshop.

Learn more from Emmet about what to expect here:

In this workshop Emmet will discuss:
→ The ACE framework to train and retain associates: Availability, Capability, and Engagement
→ Where are you on this leadership spectrum: clinician, entrepreneur, or executive?
→ Intel from his #1 Amazon Bestselling book “DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dental Empire”
→ Ample time for Q and A!

The ONLY WAY to take part in this workshop is with a ticket to the Growth Summit.

You don’t want to miss connecting with Emmet! He is the host of the “DSO Secrets” podcast, CEO and co-founder of Community Dental Partners (90+ locations), President of the ADSO, and Partner, DEO.

Through January 31, when you register for the Growth Summit, you’ll get:

→ An additional $100 off with code JANUARY
→ A copy of Emmet’s # 1 Amazon Bestselling book: “DSO Secrets”
→ An invite to Emmet’s DSO Growth Expert Workshop, February 10, 4:30-5:30 PM ET
→ Free replays of the Summit sessions
→ CE credit

Really, the“DSO Secrets” book and time with Emmet are just icing on the cake. With your Growth Summit ticket, you’ll have a spot at the most powerful DSO event of the year.

Don’t miss it… we are already predicted to sell out! Get your ticket here.

To turning the secrets of success into reality!