Associate Recruiting Strategies That Work

ETS Dental to Speak at the 2017 Associate Summit

Your ability to find, attract, and ultimately recruit skilled associates is going to determine how successful you are in meeting your growth objectives.

Emerging and established Dental groups face a vast array of challenges, such as accelerated technological advancement, cultural diversity, and greater collaboration between physicians and dentists, just to mention a few. A consequence of this is that there is an ever-increasing focus on effective recruitment.

Marcia Patterson and Carl Guthrie are top Dental Recruiters from ETS Dental. They excel in seeking out the right Dental Professional to fit Dental Practice client’s unique needs, and they are going to share their knowledge at the next 2017 DEO Associate Summit.

Watch below a short video interview where Dr. Cooper asked Marcia and Carl to give us a snapshot of what we will learn from their presentation.