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Checklist: 110+ Operational Systems Every Growing Dental Group/DSO Needs To Implement

Jacob Puhl - CEO

Jacob Puhl, CEO/Partner, The DEO


How are you approaching the sometimes overwhelming challenges of your day-to-day operations?

One tool that has been incredibly important to my growth as an entrepreneur is gaining a “systems mindset”. Viewing my business through this lens has helped our growth tremendously.

This quote by Dr. William Edwards Deming, an American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant, pretty much sums it up…

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” ― W. Edwards Deming

But, this idea can seem daunting… does every process need to be documented?… I know for sure that leveraging Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can help you scale your dental group in locations and/or revenue.

So to that end, I am happy to share with you our most recent curated resource: “[CHECKLIST] 110+ Operational Systems Every Growing Dental Group / DSO Needs To Implement”. Get it here. 

Seeing things through a systems mindset can shift the prism of perspective for your leadership, management, and team. I’ve seen this through my connections with some of the most successful dentist-entrepreneurs and DSO leaders in the country,

Talk about a business that needs operational systems to thrive… it’s dentistry…(well any healthcare organization really). Quality patient care is on the line.

Streamlined systems can take a dental group from good to great, driving forward growth with precision.

First, let’s define it:

What is an operational system?

An operational system is any method, component, information technology (hardware and software), and/or equipment necessary for the operations and maintenance of a dental practice.

They are checklists, SOPs, documented processes, documented accountability, practice management systems, etc. Examples include bookkeeping; back office, front office, and hygiene procedures; and staff management policies and procedures; etc.

For your growing dental organization, SOPs are the clarity to help ensure everyone involved contributes to the success of your practice.

Go here to access the “[CHECKLIST] 110+ Operational Systems Every Growing Dental Group / DSO Needs To Implement”.

W. Edwards Deming also said “A bad system will beat a good person every time.” If you don’t have SOPs established to handle both everyday tasks and everyday issues that arise, it doesn’t matter how motivated and talented your people are — they will hit roadblocks.

Prevent missteps and frustration ahead of time by creating operational systems even for processes that seem minor.

This list was curated from talking with the most successful dentist-entrepreneurs and DSO leaders in the country so you can rely on that the 110 SOPs within are “musts”.

There’s no fluff here. Only a comprehensive and effective list of operational systems. I guarantee you that you’ll learn of at least (and I really mean “at least”) 2 new SOPs that you’ve never thought of before.

So go ahead and grab the complete checklist here and get started (you’ll be immediately taken to the confirmation page, no opt-in required.).

Your team…patients…associates… not to mention your bottom-line… will thank you!

I look forward to hearing that you’ve implemented some of these operational systems and had the positive results that I feel certain are ahead of you.

To your success!


Jake Puhl

Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

CEO / Partner