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The DEO Acquires Traction for Dental and joyFULL People

By October 28, 2021DEO

The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization [DEO], dentistry’s premier community for supporting dental leaders on their journey from a practice to a self-managing organization, is pleased to announce that it has acquired both Traction for Dental and joyFull People. Traction for Dental was the only Certified EOS® Implementation business focused solely on multi-location dental companies, while its sister company, joyFULL People, serves the industry with simple, 24/7 online curriculum for finding, managing, and growing millennial dental teams. The combined businesses will bring massive new value to growth-focused, entrepreneurial dental leaders.

Jacob Puhl - CEO

Jacob Puhl

“Many of our fastest-growing member businesses were already working with Traction for Dental, and many more were preparing to. We serve the same unique market in two totally symbiotic ways, so growing into one company was inevitable and exciting” said Jacob Puhl, CEO of the DEO.

The acquisition of Traction for Dental will immediately result in the formation of the DEO Coaching and Implementation unit, of which Josey Sewell will be CEO.

Josey Sewell

“Our customers are experiencing extraordinary growth and life satisfaction in a space that was typically filled with overwhelming stress and frustration. This partnership with the DEO will allow us to deliver an abundance architecture that is now more specific to the needs of dental entrepreneurs than was allowed by our previous affiliation with EOS®. It’s what our customers have been begging for, and alongside the DEO, our customers will have access to more community and resources than ever,” said Josey Sewell, co-founder of Traction for Dental.

At the same time, the acquisition of joyFULL People will accelerate the DEO mission to “grow your team” through joyFULL’s millennial-focused approach to people development.

Dr. Eric J. Roman

“Now, more than any other time in history, dentistry is seeing how valuable its teams really are. The same ‘people systems’ that got us here won’t be what serves our changing workforce. By unifying joyFULL People and the DEO, we are signaling our joint commitment to truly supporting the industry through the development of our future teams and leaders,” remarked Eric J. Roman, DDS, co-founder of joyFULL People.

At the completion of the transaction, Dr. Roman will be responsible for developing the DEO product, both through training and leadership development.

“With DEO Members managing over $2.3 billion in practice revenue, this acquisition is the cornerstone of DEO’s mission to build happier, more accomplished dental leaders, dental teams, and ultimately an industry that we can all be proud of. I can’t wait for our members to see the impact of this event. Internally, there’s so much excitement. But the real barometer of our success together will be on the leaders and teams that we serve,” said Jacob Puhl, CEO of The DEO.

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