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First Book Published by DEO Dental Media Publishing: Announcing “DSO Secrets” by Emmet Scott

By November 22, 2021DEO

DEO Dental Media Publishing, an arm of The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization is pleased to announce its first book publication, “DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Dental Empire” by Emmet Scott, CEO, and co-founder of Community Dental Partners and Partner, DEO.

“DSO Secrets” was officially released on November 16, 2021, and within 3 days became a #1 Amazon Bestseller in the Dentistry, Dental Office Practice, and Dental Assisting categories and landed in the top 10 of the Entrepreneurship and Management categories.

Emmet Scott

The book offers guidance to dental practice owners and their teams on how to grow a successful dental organization – whether a single practice, dental group or Dental Service Organization (DSO) – in today’s complex business world. Emmet shares the vast insight he’s gained from founding and running a multi-million dollar DSO, including supporting clinicians, executive teams, being on boards of DSOs, being a partner in emerging DSOs, and more.

“DSO Secrets” is varied and offers an in-depth focus on what any up and coming dentist-entrepreneur or dental leader needs to know to crack the DSO scaling code. Topics include: what it means to be an entrepreneur, becoming a top-level executive, creating an amazing customer experience, marketing, messaging, human resources, finance, compliance, and more.

The book walks dental leaders step by step through the process of creating the doctor, team, and patient experience necessary to achieve their vision of growth, whether their goal is to be a top clinician in a single practice or to build a multi-practice portfolio.

“DSO Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Dental Empire” is available as an ebook, and also in paperback and hardcover on Amazon and many other book retailers.

About Emmet Scott

Emmet Scott is the host of the number-one dental group podcast, DSO Secrets™, and a partner of The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization. He is the co-founder and CEO of Community Dental Partners (CDP) and has served as the President of the Association of Dental Support Organizations.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Emmet loves empowering others by sharing the wisdom of diverse people throughout the group dentistry industry.

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