2019 and Beyond: The DEO Vision is to Help You Accomplish Yours

By January 8, 2019DEO, Strategy

With the New Year comes optimism, energy, and a renewed sense of purpose. As group practice owners and entrepreneurs, you feel ready to take your practice or DSO to the next level. Thanks in large part to your energy, we at the DEO are looking forward to great things in 2019!

DEO’s Vision

We believe the DEO can play a central role in in growing core value-driven multiple location groups and emerging DSOs. The DEO provides community and resources to help you not only grow your DSO, but become a more effective leader — better able to connect and inspire your staff, leadership team, and patients.

The DEO brings together vanguard leaders working with successful teams — those dentist-entrepreneurs with emerging locations — to their optimal positions for success.

This means access to the best industry leaders, changemakers, larger DSOs, and associations within the dental space — the forward-thinkers making a difference in the industry — and, most importantly, to each other.

Our philosophy: succeeding together. We believe the best way for emerging group leaders and executives to grow is to surround themselves with a support system of peers and mentors.

Our Focus: People and Connections

People: We are focused on equipping leaders to build core value-driven companies in the dental space.

Connections: We are committed to connecting emerging dental group owners to each other, and to resources that will help them reach their personal goals.

Tying it Together: The DEO Provides Resources for You

Membership in the DEO provides access to a wealth of valuable resources — including exclusive in-person events, where we bring in dynamic, forward-thinking C-suite leadership coaches for hands-on learning. It seems fitting to start the New Year off right by sharing what members learned about vision from one of our most popular events.

Key Factor for Successful Dental Groups: A Clearly Articulated Vision

Within the small-group section of the dental industry, we’ve found a common element: the best groups have chiseled out a strong vision for their enterprise, and they work tirelessly to communicate that vision.

With this in mind, last year the DEO brought in business coach and author Cameron Herold — known as “The CEO Whisperer” — to speak to DEO Members about the importance of vision at our Private Member Event: “The Executive Edge.” Cameron is the former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, which he helped grow from $2 million to $106 million in revenue in just six years. He knows quite a bit about success — and attributes a lot of it to articulating a clear vision.

“The problem with most businesses
is the entrepreneur has the vision
but no one else can read their minds.
If your employees can’t see what you see,
they struggle through the day to day
trying to build your practice for you.”


Cameron emphasized that it’s crucial for your team to fully understand your vision.

Click here to see how you can use Cameron Herold’s Vivid Vision exercise in your practice.

Start the year with a clear vision that you can share with your team.

Click Here to Hear What Best Selling Author Cameron Herold Has to Say to Growing Dental Groups

Start the year with a clear vision that you can share with your team. Learn how from Cameron Herold.

Use these tools to start off 2019 clearly defining your vision, getting your team in alignment, and put your goals within reach.

This year, the DEO will provide you with even more tools and resources focused on people and connections, helping pave your way to success for the rest of the year — stay tuned!

Cheers to a successful 2019!

— Jake

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