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[QUICK GUIDE] How To Build Out Your Dental Group Leadership Team

Jacob Puhl - CEO

Jacob Puhl, CEO/Partner, The DEO


Do you know what I think is one of the difficult parts of being an entrepreneur and leader?… It’s when I second guess myself.

I’m sure you can relate. It can be a lot of pressure sometimes when the buck stops with you, right? One remedy I’ve found that actually alleviates much of that feeling… is surrounding myself with the right team… specifically the right leadership team.

Building a leadership team that is literally smarter than you about certain facets of business can give you confidence that you aren’t making decisions in a vacuum. You are relying on a talented, and SMART team of leaders to determine your vision and make hard decisions.

Thus, I am glad to share with you this resource: [QUICK GUIDE] How To Build Out Your Leadership Team.

Because part of being a good leader is recognizing when you need help, and that you can’t do it all by yourself. The days of bootstrapping and wearing many hats are coming to an end.

This guide will give you a concrete sense of direction… You’ll lose the trepidation of figuring out what to do first.

Likely the first question you’ll face is who to hire and when? You may also be asking…

Should I bring on a CFO or CMO first?
Do I really need a Chief Compliance Officer? How much should I pay my COO? What role do consultants play?

This guide will show you how to approach these questions and more.

You’ll learn:

→ What to consider before you hire

→ Questions to ask when considering hiring

→ The 4 options for support as you grow

→ The first 5 positions you should hire on your leadership team:

1. Clinical

2. Marketing

… to see the last 3, get the [QUICK GUIDE] How To Build Out Your Leadership Team.

You’ll be tapping proven methods already used by 100s of dentist-entrepreneurs/ DSO leaders.

Feel decisive about who you need on board to take the next big leap in your dental group or DSO.

You’ll do less second-guessing and gladly take a dose of humility, to have a team smarter than you in their respective areas.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I’ve found the best leadership team members push themselves and you forward.

I promise you’ll be reaching for this guide to build and hire your leadership team.

I look forward to hearing about how building your leadership team is going… and how your confidence (and dental group) is growing!

— Cheers!

Jake Puhl

Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

CEO / Partner