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Insights for Effective Dental Associates & Hygienists Hiring

The hiring landscape for today’s dental practice / dental group / DSO has undergone significant transformations, particularly for associates and hygienists. There has been a profound shift from traditional staffing models to a more integrated approach, emphasizing the pivotal role of dental hygienists in particular within clinical teams. This shift is not just a response to changing times, but a proactive move towards excellence by dental entrepreneurs, leaders, group owners, CEOs, and practice owners for the care and patient experience.

The Evolution of Clinical Roles in Dental Practices

The dental industry is in a state of flux, with the roles and expectations of dental staff evolving. This evolution is particularly notable in the changing perception of hygienists, who are now recognized as essential members of the clinical team, the front line of patient care. 

The Dental Organization Growth Model™ includes strategic associate and hygienist hiring as an essential strategy for building a thriving dental business. This model, designed by DEO just for dental entrepreneurs of scaling dental practices/ groups / DSOs offers a step-by-step blueprint from current operations to your envisioned scale of growth. It underscores the importance of vision, leadership development, and team alignment, and offers a structured path to achieving your business objectives amidst the challenges of the current dental hiring landscape. Learn more about how the Dental Organization Growth Model™ can help your business by scheduling a free Growth Accelerator Call here.

Today’s Dental Hiring Landscape: A Call for Strategic Action

Today’s dental practices/ groups / DSOs face significant challenges, including a 10% reduction in dental practice capacity annually due to vacant positions. This issue is compounded by the difficulty in recruiting dental associates, assistants, and hygienists, with 9 out of 10 dental entrepreneurs, leaders, group owners, CEOs, and practice owners describing the recruitment process as “extremely” or “very” challenging.

Moreover, a staggering one-third of dental associates and hygienists are projected to retire within the next five years. These statistics underscore the urgent need for dental groups to adopt more relational hiring practices, moving away from transactional approaches to building meaningful connections with potential candidates.

4 Marketing Approaches for Effective Associates & Hygienists Hiring 

Though the aforementioned stats feel stark, your hands are not tied. You can create an effective hiring strategy by focusing on these four essential marketing approaches:

  1. Market: Identifying your associate or hygienist “avatar” is the cornerstone of your hiring strategy. By understanding the desired attributes and goals of potential candidates, you can better align your offers with their expectations, ensuring a perfect fit within your dental practice.
  2. Messaging: Effective communication is key. Your messaging strategy focuses on personal, visual, and relevant content that clearly articulates what you offer, thereby engaging potential associate and hygienist candidates on a deeper level.
  3. Medium: Selecting the right channels for your message is crucial. From digital platforms to job boards and on-site engagements, you should strive to reach a diverse audience, maximizing your impact and attracting top talent.
  4. Measure: Continuous assessment allows you to refine your hiring strategy, identifying trends and making adjustments as needed. This iterative process is vital for ensuring you successfully hire the “right-fit” associates and hygienists to join your team.

Develop a Roadmap for Associate and Hygienist Hiring

Develop an associate and hygienist hiring roadmap that encompasses clear processes, proactive recruiting, and engaging candidate experiences. With implementing strategic planning and execution you can create a welcoming environment that not only attracts but also retains top talent, setting the stage for the long-term success of your dental practice/ group / DSO.

Special note for dental entrepreneurs, leaders, and owners just beginning to grow their practice: whether you are seeking to scale in revenue or locations so too must your recruiting strategies evolve. From establishing a compelling online presence to developing dedicated hiring role(s) each level of recruiting will expand and change as you grow.

No matter what size of dental business you have, navigating changes in the hiring landscape for associates and hygienists is an ongoing journey. By continuously improving your systems and embracing innovative marketing strategies you can overcome today’s challenges and hire the dream team you need to reach your scaling vision.

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