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How to Leverage Your Marketing Team To Grow Your Dental Business

In the competitive dental industry, a robust marketing strategy isn’t just a nice to have; it’s essential for growth and patient engagement. Effective marketing isn’t found in the strategy alone but in the people behind its execution: your team. Leveraging your dental practice / dental group / DSO team’s unique talents and insights can transform your market efforts from good to exceptional and align with the vision and long-term growth objectives you have leading your business as a dental entrepreneur, CEO, owner, leader, or manager.

Foundations of Marketing

The foundation of marketing in a dental practice / dental group / DSO starts with understanding your audience and clearly defining your brand’s value proposition: identifying the unique needs and concerns of your dental patients and crafting your messaging to address these points directly. Your team plays a crucial role in this foundational phase by providing insights into patient behaviors, preferences, and feedback which should guide your marketing strategies.

Operational KPIs

Operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and ensuring they align with your dental practice / dental group / DSO objectives. These may include patient acquisition cost, patient lifetime value, and conversion rates from various marketing channels. It’s imperative to regularly review these KPIs with your team to evaluate and identify areas for improvement/optimization.

Marketing Specialties

Leverage the specific skills and expertise within your team. For instance, a team member with a knack for storytelling could lead content creation, while another with social media savvy could manage your online presence. Identifying and utilizing these specialties within your dental practice / dental group / DSO team not only enhances the quality of your marketing efforts but also ensures team members are engaged.

Utilize Team Insights for Content Creation

Your dental team, from hygienists to administrative staff, interacts with patients daily and understands their concerns, questions, and feedback. This firsthand knowledge is gold for creating relevant and engaging content. Encourage your team to share questions or topics patients bring up to develop blog posts, social media content, FAQs, and educational videos that address these common dental concerns. This approach ensures your content is relevant and positions your practice as a helpful, authoritative dental resource.

Empower Your Team as Brand Advocates

Each team member has the potential to be a powerful brand advocate for your dental practice / dental group / DSO. Encourage them to share positive experiences, achievements, and events happening within your practice on their social media platforms. Whether your role is dental entrepreneur, CEO, owner, or manager, it’s imperative to provide guidelines and training on how to represent the brand effectively and ethically online. This organic promotion increases your visibility and adds a layer of trust and authenticity to your brand, as recommendations coming from real people are highly valued by potential patients. 

Leverage Team Expertise for Dental Care Workshops and Webinars

Organize workshops, webinars, or live Q&A sessions featuring team members to discuss dental health topics, showcase new technologies, or demonstrate proper care techniques to highlight the expertise within your dental practice / dental group / DSO and engage your audience. This content can be repurposed into video snippets for social media, blog posts, downloadable guides, and more.

Encourage Team Participation in Community Events

Involvement in community events, health fairs, or school programs is a valuable service to the community and also a strategic marketing opportunity. Encourage your team to participate or organize events that align with your values and goals. This positions your practice / dental group / DSO team as caring and involved professionals, and fosters stronger community ties.

Implement an Employee-Generated Content Program

Create a program where team members can contribute content, whether it’s writing blog posts, creating videos, or taking over the practice’s social media for a day to showcase the human and relatable side of your practice. Ensure there’s a clear process for submission, review, and approval of content to maintain consistency and align with your brand’s voice.

Utilize Team Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Regularly seek your dental practice / dental group / DSO team’s feedback on marketing strategies and patient engagement to gain valuable perspectives on what’s working, what isn’t, and new growth opportunities. This inclusive approach improves your marketing efforts and fosters continuous improvement and team involvement.

Establishing Your Marketing Org Chart

Creating a marketing organization chart helps clarify roles and responsibilities, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all marketing functions. This should outline who is responsible for content creation, digital marketing, patient engagement, etc. Involve your team in developing this org chart to ensure it realistically reflects your team’s capabilities and capacity.

Marketing KPIs and Responsibilities

Aligning marketing KPIs with individual responsibilities is critical. Each marketing team member should have specific, measurable goals tied to broader marketing objectives. Regular meetings to review KPI progress to keep your team focused and motivated, providing opportunities for recognition and adjustment.

Evolution of Your Marketing Org Chart

As your dental practice / dental group / DSO  grows, your marketing needs will evolve. Whether you are a dental entrepreneur, CEO, owner, or manager, it’s essential to regularly reassess your marketing org chart to ensure it reflects the current goals and strategies. This may involve adding new roles, redefining existing ones, or integrating more advanced marketing technologies and practices.  Make sure to engage your team in this evolution process.

Deciding on What to Keep In-House vs Outsource

Deciding between in-house marketing efforts and outsourcing requires a careful assessment of your team’s capabilities, available resources, and specific needs. Consider keeping tasks that directly leverage your team’s expertise and patient relationships in-house, while outsourcing specialized activities like SEO or paid advertising. This ensures optimal use of internal resources while benefiting from external expertise.

Finding the Right Marketing Partner

If outsourcing is part of your strategy look for partners with experience in the dental industry and a proven track record of success. Involve your team in the selection process, considering how the partnership will integrate with your existing marketing efforts. The right partner should feel like an extension of your team.

Crafting a marketing strategy that leverages your team’s strengths and aligns with your dental practice / dental group / DSO goals is an ongoing journey, not a one-time task. By laying a strong foundation, clearly defining roles and responsibilities, and continuously adapting, you can create a dynamic marketing ecosystem within your business. Engaging your team in every step, from the foundational planning to the execution and evolution of your marketing strategy, fosters a culture of collaboration/innovation and ensures your marketing resonates deeply with your target audience. The success of your marketing initiatives is directly tied to the engagement and dedication of your team. Cultivate their growth, align their skills, and your collective efforts will yield long-term success.

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