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[Quick Guide] The 5 Dental Associate Pay Models

Jacob Puhl - CEO

Jacob Puhl, CEO/Partner, The DEO


Is your dental group meeting its goals right now? Where can you address issues and optimize to ensure you achieve them?

As I’ve noted, I believe leveling up and handling roadblocks often comes back to team… to people… not systems. Do we have the right people in the right seats on the bus? Does our team feel supported to achieve their goals? Are we doing all we can to retain talent?

I know you face these questions too… particularly with hiring and retaining top-notch associates. So I’m glad to offer this resource: [Quick Guide] The 5 Dental Associate Pay Models.

At The DEO we help our Members develop talent management plans to ensure they bring in the best and brightest associates. And we often hear burning questions like: “What pay model should I use to retain associates? Should I offer equity? Should I have multiple models?”

Getting out of the chair and placing patients in an associate(s) hands are big steps to take. But deciding which pay model(s) to offer can be confusing when you are just starting to grow.

We constructed this Guide with input from industry-leading experts and DEO Members — dentist-entrepreneurs of successfully scaling group practices and DSOs. Both emphasized the importance of offering competitive associate pay model(s) to retain associates.

This resource is a reference to help you evaluate the models by structure, pros and cons, other considerations, and more. These are the 5 Models it reviews:
1- Straight base
2- “Sum of” contract
3- “Greater of” contract
4- Straight percent
5- Sliding scale

Download the [Quick Guide] The 5 Dental Associate Pay Models for all of the details. Associates are the bread and butter of your dental group. You can’t afford not to retain these best and brightest members of your team. The right associates will help you get out of the chair and have more time to focus on the business of scaling your dental group. Use this guide to jumpstart your associate talent management strategy.

I look forward to hearing about your next successful associate hire!

—To meeting your goals!

Jake Puhl

Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

CEO / Partner