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The Dental Organization Growth Model™ To Solve the Tough Issues of Scaling

By August 4, 2020September 14th, 2020DEO, Strategy
Jacob Puhl - CEO

Jacob Puhl CEO/Partner of The DEO

No matter where you are on your dental group’s growth journey — looking to add your first location, grow from 1-3, or 3-5, or 5-10 locations, or beyond, you are inevitably going to run into some tough issues, everything — from hitting your own “leadership ceiling” — to hiring and training your team — to systems and infrastructure — to revenue cycle management — to creating leaders, and more.

Having worked with 100s of dentist entrepreneurs, The DEO understands these issues and has developed a framework — The Dental Organization Growth Model™ — to help leaders of emerging groups get out of the “dark tunnel” and solve the issues that are lurking there. This framework can help you determine where you need to spend your time, where your biggest issues are and where you need to level up.

The DEO recommends you focus on your vision, your self, your team, and then the business of your dental group — in that order.

Vision: Determine It for Your Business — and for Yourself

Start with vision — remember it’s not only the vision you have for the business but also for yourself. What is this business doing for you? What’s the vision for yourself? For example: maybe your vision is to get out of the dentist chair and into the CEO role.

Vision is at the heart of the growth for your organization and yourself. It’s what helps you drive your dental group
from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’.

To learn more about how The DEO can help you achieve your vision and grow on your leadership journey, click here.

You: From Anxious To Confident and Tools to Help You Stay There

The first place you can gain the most leverage for your dental group’s next chapter is your self. There will always be a lot of “noise” from forces outside of your control: legislation, HR and right now, especially from COVID-19 and the economy. But one thing you can control: working on the development of yourself as a leader.

Vacillating between confidence and anxiety is partly the cycle of being an entrepreneur. It is particularly highlighted right now. The DEO helps lessen this cycle by prescribing the refinement of viewing your business with a lens of consistent clarity, leveling up your executive capabilities, and a place of peer connection to bring it all together.

Click the video for the full overview The Dental Organization Growth Model.

To learn more about how The DEO can help you achieve your vision and grow on your leadership journey, click here.

Create Synergy: Bring Your Team from Chaos To Momentum

Another cycle you will inevitably face is bringing your team from chaos to momentum. When your team is in a momentum state, the synergy it takes to scale by adding or acquiring new locations is seamless.

The DEO prescribes:

  • talent management — attracting and retaining A+ staff and leadership
  • alignment of systems — so staff and leadership know where they are going (vision) and how to get there
  • develop leaders — growing leaders within your organization: ultimately this will drive your dental group to the next level

Take Your Business from Fragile to Unshakeable

After you have defined your vision, gained confidence, and aligned your team into momentum — then you can focus on the business aspect of your dental group — taking it from fragile to unshakeable.

Dentistry as a whole is solid but with COVID-19, we discovered vulnerabilities in some organizations. So, The DEO led members to analyze their business models and figure out ways to make them more unshakeable.

To strengthen your business, The DEO suggests taking a look at

  • top-line growth — revenue forgives all sins
  • operational systems — systems will set you free
  • cash management — where is your money going?

The Outcome: More Time, More Profit, and More Impact

The DEO is ready to help you achieve this outcome, having already helped 100s of dentist-entrepreneurs take this journey by offering training, education, and most importantly a peer-to-peer-knowledge fed network of leaders just like you.

To see how The DEO can help you and learn about the resources we provide to dentist-entrepreneurs looking to scale: click here!