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Dr. Maryam Beyramian To Speak on Medical/Dental Integration at 2019 DEO Summer Summit

By February 8, 2019February 26th, 2020Clinical, DEO, Operations, Strategy

The integration of medical and dental health is a trend on the forefront of the future of dentistry. It’s a win-win for dentists and consumers alike. Dentists can be more impactful in the overall healthcare of their patients by including preventive primary-care services. Patients are looking for convenient ways to access healthcare, and they can receive medical and dental care in one place.

Westwind Integrated Health in Arizona is a leader of this model, as a multi-location group offering both dental and medical services. Dr. Maryam Beyramian is Founder and Lead Dentist at Westwind.

The Future of Integrating Medical and Dental Health in Group Dentistry

Dr. Beyramian’s presentation: “The Future of Integrating Medical and Dental Health in Group Dentistry” at The 2019 DEO Summer Summit, Phoenix, AZ, will go in-depth on these subjects and cover the Westwind Integrated Health model. Westwind offers general and specialty dentistry; primary care, including children’s care, women’s care and urgent care; and some cosmetic care. Her presentation will discuss the Westwind model, including:

  • How the day-to-day patient-care flow works
  • Westwind’s vision, goals, and business model
  • Patient testimonials
  • Medical research supporting the integrated model

To learn more about Dr. Beyramian’s presentation, watch her interview with CEO of The DEO Jake Puhl:

Dr. Beyramian’s Insights on Medical/Dental Health Integration

The Future of Primary Care

Dr. Beyramian believes the integration of medical and dental healthcare is the future of primary care — dentistry will be a standard part of primary care.

With this integration comes the opportunity to reduce chronic inflammation and disease within the patient population by delivering both medical and dental services within one visit. The ultimate goal is to close patient-care gaps and make the patient population healthier.

Shift the Dental Industry from Dentists to “Oral Physicians”

Dr. Beyramian notes, “Dentists are trained as oral physicians in dental school. Why not practice the whole scope of what we were trained to do?”

Her work at Westwind is focused on shifting the dental industry perception of dentists toward the role of “oral physicians.” Dentists are not just dentists but oral physicians — emphasis on the word “physician” — who understand systemic, not just oral health.

Oral physicians can provide preventive primary-care services chairside, including screening for chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, and help improve overall health by addressing issues like stress and smoking.

It’s time for shift in mindset — to appreciate the impact oral physicians can make in the lives of their patients. Patients spend a lot of time receiving dental services in the dental chair, and this should be recognized as touchpoint for the overall care gap — an opportunity to create value for patients and to improve dental and overall systemic health.

Want to hear more?

Attend The 2019 DEO Summer Summit: The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry to see Dr. Beyramian present “The Future of Integrating Medical and Dental Health in Group Dentistry.”

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