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Dr. Evangelista Keynote: The Future of Emerging Groups & DSOs at 2019 DEO Summer Summit

By January 25, 2019February 27th, 2020DEO, Finance/Legal, Strategy

Attend The 2019 DEO Summer Summit: The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry to see keynote speaker Dr. Richard Evangelista discuss “The Future of Emerging Groups & DSOs”.

From 5 to 40 Locations in 5 Years

Dr. Evangelista is the CEO and Founder of Dentalforce, which has grown from 5 locations with 30 employees to more than 40 locations and 400 employees in the last five years — unprecedented growth, especially under single ownership and with traditional bank financing.

Dr. Evangelista has over 15 years of proven success in dental-practice management, and his company’s outstanding progress has earned him a stellar reputation in the DSO space.

A Story of Growth and
Experience with Scaling

A favorite speaker at past Summits, Dr. Evangelista is always entertaining, and this year will be no different. His dynamic presentation focuses on what the future has in store for emerging group practices; how group practices can set up their businesses for future success; what’s changed in the DSO world in the last few years; and how to get your DSO to thrive — regardless of the market.

Dr. Evangelista will share his story of growth and scaling from 5 locations to 40, including the growing pains of building a lasting business — from prioritizing people, hiring a great leadership team and staff during the initial growth spurt of 2 to 5 plus locations, to implementing operating systems and accountabilities during the next leg of 5 to 10, and the options for funding to grow beyond 10 locations.

He will review the importance of asking yourself the right questions as you hit certain mileposts (2, 5, 10, 15 locations and beyond):

  • What do I do next?
  • Is it worth it to grow or stay where I am?
  • How big do I want to grow?

Dr. Evangelista will share how he handled these questions and the financing, growth, and management issues that came with them. You will walk away with tools to guide your growth path decisions.

To learn more about Dr Evangelista’s presentation, scroll up to watch CEO of The DEO Jake Puhl’s interview with Dr. Evangelista.

All the presentations for The 2019 DEO Summer Summit, June 27-29, Phoenix, AZ, are focused on giving you the knowledge you need to scale properly by understanding the changes that lie ahead.

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