Dr. Ryan Hungate to Speak on Dental Patients’ Retail Experience at 2019 DEO Summer Summit

By March 8, 2019DEO, Marketing, Operations

In some ways, the dental industry is highly technical: dentists are taking advantage of the benefits new medical technology has to offer with the introduction of highly technical clinical tools, such as lasers that cut teeth and 3D scanners.

Dr. Ryan Hungate

But the dental industry has also lagged behind technologically with the introduction and incorporation of user-friendly software for both the dentist and patient experience.

Dr. Ryan Hungate, Founder and CSO of Simplifeye, will speak to this disparity in his Summit presentation: “The Future of Dental Patients’ Retail Experience in Group Dentistry.” He believes that now is the time for cutting-edge technology to revolutionize dentistry, improving both the patient and dentist experience.

Dr. Hungate’s Summit presentation will cover his vision at Simplifeye, and:

  • How technology can be used to to automate the patient experience
  • How software can increase new patient flow, decrease patient check-in times, decrease insurance verification times, decrease accounts receivable, and increase payment collections
  • How the right technology not only enhances the patient experience, but is also preferred by patients, as they seek more “Amazon Go”-like customer-service automation options

To learn more about this Summit presentation, watch Dr. Hungate’s interview with CEO of The DEO, Jake Puhl below.

Patients — and Dentists — Demand:
It’s Time for Easy-Interface Software

The dental industry has not innovated like other industries in terms of the software capabilities. Traditional practice-management software of the past wasn’t designed to be user- and patient-forward.

Patients are coming to expect the experience that mimics the apps and products they use every day — instantaneous, easy to use, with a sleek interface — much like products from Uber, Fitbit and Apple. They have less tolerance for organizations that lag behind, including encounters they have with healthcare providers.

Dentists and dental-group staff are also demanding more technologically forward software. In addition to being consumers themselves who want easy-to-use interfaces and capabilities, staff members appreciate features that can speed up training and patient-flow synergies.

Better Patient Experience,
Increased Profitability

Prior to becoming an orthodontist, Dr. Hungate worked for Apple directly under the Director of Retail Experience, and designed the customer workflow experience that is still used globally by Apple’s 500 retail stores. He understands how an improved retail experience can improve profitability.

Software companies like Simplifeye are offering the dental industry tools to improve and enhance the patient retail experience and the opportunity the increase profitability, including:

  • Live chat that can be used to clarify questions, insurance options and more
  • Online billing portals that store credit cards for future use, resulting in a higher likelihood of collecting payments
  • Software that offers streamlined verification of benefits
  • User interfaces that notify doctors and staff instantaneously about patient information/scheduling updates, resulting in higher patient satisfaction and less wait time
  • Power of voice to access information such as dental records, shortening patient wait times during visits

Utilizing these technologies to enhance the patient retail experience and meet current patient expectations lets forward-thinking, tech-savvy dental groups stand out and quickly rise above the competition.

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Attend The 2019 DEO Summer Summit: The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry to see Dr. Hungate’s Summit presentation “The Future of Dental Patients’ Retail Experience in Group Dentistry.”

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