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Announcing: Dr. William Jackson and Richard Lee to Speak on Teledentistry at The 2019 DEO Summer Summit

By February 22, 2019February 26th, 2020Clinical, DEO

Insights on Teledentistry

Teledentistry is a new cutting-edge technology — one solution to bridge the care gap for the more than 30% of the US population who cannot access dental care due to lack of affordability or physical inaccessibility.

Teledentistry, in which specially trained hygienists visit community centers and work with remote dentists, could be a new solution for caring for underserved populations, and could also be beneficial for the public at large.

Dr. William Jackson is CEO and Richard Lee is COO of Virtual Dental Care, a company that creates teledentistry software and tools that allow dental professionals to broaden access to dental care.

Jackson and Lee’s presentation, “The Future of Teledentistry in Group Dentistry” at The 2019 DEO Summer Summit, The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry, June 27-29, Phoenix, AZ  will cover their vision at Virtual Dental Care, and:

  • How teledentistry is being utilized today and where it is headed in the future
  • How teledentistry has evolved and increased patient convenience, enhanced peer-to-peer communications, and helped the entire dental industry reach a higher level of patient care
  • How the average dental group can leverage teledentistry

To learn more about this Summit presentation, click here or on the video below to watch Dr. Jackson’s interview with CEO of The DEO Jake Puhl.

Teledentistry — A Radical New Way To Deliver Dental Care

Preventive services don’t need to be done in the office — and neither do all diagnostic services, for that matter. Medical practices are already offering telehealth services, and consumers are expecting more convenience in every aspect of their lives.

Teledentistry helps to bridge the gap between dentistry and medicine, allowing for synergies in patient care. The connection between general health and oral health is a trend on the forefront of the future of dentistry, as noted in this blog post: “Dr. Maryam Beyramian To Speak On Medical/Dental Integration at 2019 DEO Summer Summit.”

Closing the Dental Care Accessibility Gap with Teledentistry — Mobile By Design

For some Americans, accessing dental care is still difficult for this simple reason: the current delivery model is expensive, and the current revenue model — mostly Medicaid — doesn’t adequately account for the cost of delivery. The problem continues to grow, affecting the health of over 100 million Americans.

Teledentistry offers a model that cuts unnecessary expenses. Its technology offers tools to improve every aspect of the traditional dental care model: increasing efficiencies with patient appointment and hygienist scheduling; facilitating communications among dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and location administrators without hiring additional staff; providing pathways to more easily accessible treatment locations; assessing equipment logistics to see where they can be shared; and more.

As teledentistry technology is getting off the ground, it is being designed to work with traditional practice-management software, not replace it. The goal is to make scaling a teledentistry practice possible, even as an extension of a group practice.

Want to hear more?

Attend The 2019 DEO Summer Summit: The Emerging Future of Group Dentistry to see Jackson and Lee’s Summit presentation “The Future of Teledentistry in Group Dentistry.”

All the presentations for The 2019 DEO Summer Summit, June 27-29, Phoenix, AZ, are focused on giving you the knowledge you need to scale properly by understanding the changes that lay ahead.

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