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Pop-Up Dentistry—New Opportunity for Group Practices: Eva Sadej and Farhad Attaie of Floss Bar

By March 22, 2019February 27th, 2020DEO, Strategy

Why aren’t Americans going to the dentist? According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 50% of all adults aged 30 or older — about 65 million people — have signs of gum disease. The American Dental Association notes that only half of all Americans make the suggested twice-yearly dental visits.

Floss Bar has an answer, offering an innovative new model to make dental care accessible. And it’s working — with the vision of Eva Sadej, CEO and Founder, and Farhad Attaie, CSO — Floss Bar has scaled quickly to more than 40 states in the past year.

Eva and Farhad will present “The Future: Bringing Dental Care to Patients — the Floss Bar Model” at The 2019 DEO Summer Summit, June 27-29 in Phoenix, AZ. Their presentation will take a deep dive into the Floss Bar model, including:

  • Detailing how the model provides portable dental units, which come to corporations, workspaces or residential towers to offer onsite dental care
  • Exploring how Floss Bar partners with local dentists and hygienists and the ways this might be a new revenue opportunity for group practices and DSOs
  • Discussing Floss Bar’s mission to help change the disease model that has been at the core of dental-care delivery

To learn more about this Summit presentation, click below to watch Farhad’s interview with CEO of The DEO, Jake Puhl.

Dental Care: Better than Ever —
If You Can Access it

The US dental industry is worth $120 billion, and technological advances are making dental care much more effective. This is great news for the patients who actually make their way into the dental chair on a regular basis. The problem is that most patients don’t visit the dentist routinely, and many only visit at the last moment because a dental issue has turned painful. The result is a poor dental-health checkup for most of the American public.

Why is this happening? It’s simple: cost and time.

Dental costs have been rising at over three times the rate of inflation (5.6% a year). In theory, insurance should help with the cost, but 50% of employer-backed insurance plans don’t cover dental. Both of these factors lead to dental care being a cost- prohibitive part of healthcare for many people.

Even those who are insured and who do try and access dental care often find it doesn’t fit into their schedules. Americans generally work full-time, which is a minimum of 40 hours a week. The average American dental office is open for 33 hours a week. As a result, not all those who want to access dental care can, as they are prohibited by time.

Making Dental Care Accessible: Partnering with Dentists to Offer Pop-Up Care

Floss Bar’s aim is to provide mobile dental care with its unique model: bringing dental care to the patient. Eva Sadej founded Floss Bar in 2018 when she noticed how complicated it was to get a basic dental care without taking three hours off of work or getting offered multiple extra services.

The Floss Bar model sets up pop-up dental events at workplaces, which enables local dentists and hygienists to provide basic, affordable dental care to employees onsite.

Growing dental groups can partner with Floss Bar to:

  • Showcase their locations’ services
  • Cross-utilize their staff to work onsite at corporations
  • Build a referral funnel from local corporations to their offices
  • Include mobile dental services as an extension of their practice

Group practices and DSOs looking to explore a unique revenue stream should take note of this model as a new way to deliver care and to make a positive impact on the oral health of more Americans.

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